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Acrylic Drawer Pulls & Lucite Cabinet Handles, Knobs and Bling Crystal Pulls

Acrylic & Lucite Cabinet& Drawer Pulls Designed To Suit Your Needs!

First Impressions International is the premier designer and manufacturer of clear acrylic door handles and pulls. With a wide selection of acrylic drawer pulls, you can install beautiful stock options or order custom made drapery hardware made from acrylic or lucite. The cast acrylic we use is clearer than glass and extremely durable. It will not yellow, resists chipping, and has UV protection built in. Our acrylic is perfect for all types of uses, from door handles and pulls to drapery hardware, accept nothing but the best! We offer the finest collections of acrylic hardware, commercial door handles, and custom pulls of any company. If you can dream up a design. we can make it a reality! No commercial design challenge is too great for our world-class team!

All of our acrylic handles, knobs, and pulls are of the highest quality, manufactured using Lucite. Developed by DuPont in 1937 Lucite hs remained the highest quality acrylic resin since its creation and introduction to the market. Lucite is used in all of our acrylic products since it maintains its standing as the best acrylic plastic available today. Our acrylic handles, knobs, and pulls are all manufactured to be scratch resistant, maintain their incredible flexibility without sacrificing tensile strength, and visually stunning. Our crystal clear acrylic is flexible enough to be colored to fit any needs or specifications, we are dedicated to giving you the design that will make your home decor maximize its full visual potential. Our acrylic handles can be used throughout the home, due to the strength of the material and its shatter-resistant nature. It is both a functional and aesthetic material for any home fixture. If you don't see what you're looking for here, don't hesitate to call us at 954-419-9918 or contact us today for your custom acrylic hardware needs.



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