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Barn Door Hardware

The Old West Has Been Won: Barn Door Hardware Comes Inside

The home décor industry is an ever-changing and exciting playing field. For instance, where barn doors were once limited to the farm or ranch, they are now commanding space as focal point design elements in modern homes. Whether keeping to the traditional outdoor barn door, or moving the design piece inside, the hardware one chooses will largely impact the overall impression of the look. Barn door hardware, as one might expect, comes in many shapes, colors, and styles. There are barn door hardware options to satisfy those looking to adorn an outdoor barn door, an interior residential barn door, and even barn doors in commercial spaces.

Examples of Different Barn Door Aesthetic Materials

With a multitude of materials to work with, designers have pushed to their creative edge. According to industry analysts who spend their days watching trends, barn door hardware has been on the rise since about 2004. Within this niche market, designers have provided consumers with a number of options ranging from modern barn door hardware to antique barn door hardware, and nearly everything in between. One of the most popular current uses of barn doors in interior design includes hanging a barn door for sliding purposes. This could include using the barn door in place of a traditional swinging six-panel door, or as a larger room divider. Again, attention should be paid to the sliding door hardware selected for this purpose as the hardware has the potential to provide or not provide cohesion to the look. Sliding barn doors used in this fashion result in saved floor space and clean lines making them ideal for tight spaces. And, for those averse to the modern look, rustic interior barn door hardware has equal potential to add greatly to a home.

Examples of complimentary Rustic Barndoor hardware

To complement the rustic barn door look, rustic cabinet hardware is a great accoutrement to this aesthetic. Lifestyle, design, and DIY (do-it-yourself) blogs, magazines, and well-known personalities have changed the way people view and engage with their homes. Adding character and personal expression to a home has resulted in the rise of trends such as barn door hardware. Homeowners have seized this great opportunity to add beauty to their living space through unique hardware and other add-ons. Some of these trends, perhaps including the barn door look, were a result of a housing market where people were less likely to attempt a sale versus investing in a remodel to their existing residence. Regardless, designers and manufacturers came forward to meet these demands, such as the barn door hardware demand, alleviating consumers from the tedious and arduous task of combing antique stores and estate sales to find that perfect hardware match.