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It's been said that a person's home is his/her castle, and there are certain things that you can do to make your home have the right feel to match your personality. Considering all five senses when furnishing and decorating can give your home a more immersive feel.

In the modern world, there are artificial sounds wherever we go. Since you can't stop your heater or pump, for example, whenever you'd like, you can be smart about creating an audio-environment that's soothing. First, you can position seating areas away from large appliances so that their sounds don't seem as loud. Double-paned, storm or double-glazed windows can go a long way in blocking out road noise. Also, you might think about how you can use artificial sounds in your favor. White-noise machines may offer some comfort by humming gently in the background. Quiet background music is great for setting a mood.

Source: CertainTeed

Smell is an extremely strong sense, as certain smells can be tied to strong memories and emotions. Your home should have a personalized, multilayered smell that is unique to you. Cleaning your place regularly can prevent a mustiness from overtaking everything. Some people prefer to use natural materials, like vinegar and essential oils, in their routine. This may eliminate the strong chemical odor that can sometimes come with harsh cleaning supplies and it can leave a soothing scent behind. The bathroom, kitchen sink, garbage disposal, bedding, and upholstery can all be places where scents can sink in. Further, you can use indoor plants to clean your air, create your own scent-filled jars and simmer water that's infused with citrus and herbs to fill the house with multilayered smells.

Source: Dimensions

When you choose hardware for your cabinetry, remember to think about how those pieces will feel and look. When deciding on furniture, test pieces out to determine whether you can truly feel comfortable with those items. Just like people prefer different types of mattresses, certain types of dining chairs and couches can vary in terms of the experience they provide.

We all have to eat every day, and stocking up on healthy foods can contribute to your overall well-being. Ideas for maintaining a healthy diet include pouring snacks (like crackers or chips) into smaller bowls to limit how much you eat, making a list of items to buy from the store to prevent impulse purchases and prepping balanced meals on the weekends to make sure you're eating well during the busy week.

Source: Free in Ten Years

To set up your home to be a great escape from the outside world, consider all of the senses. Little decisions can work together to make a big difference.

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When constructed properly, a bathroom can be a place for everyone in the family to escape and relax after school or work. It can also help increase a home's value and provide an attractive marketing tool when you are ready to sell the property.

Your Bathroom Can Be a Sanctuary

Parents of small children generally don't have a lot of time to themselves. They also don't have a lot of places to hide when they need a break. However, a parent can take sanctuary in a bathroom that has heated floors and a large tub to soak in. Adding jets to the tub can help relieve aching muscles or add another layer of comfort to the space.

There are a lot of things that can make a bathroom a sanctuary unique to the home. A minimalistic design that makes things like candles and music easy to find and use can help this. Large windows that look out on a natural wonder can also make a bathroom feel like a retreat space, provided they still give you much-needed privacy.

Should You Hire a Pro or Opt to DIY?

One of the key questions to ask before renovating a bathroom is whether you should hire a professional or do the work yourself. The benefit of doing the work yourself is that you can save money. However, a professional can often do the job a lot faster.

Talking to remodeling experts can help you to visualize what's doable, both for your home and your budget. That alone may be worth giving a pro a call, even if you plan on doing the job yourself. In some cases, you may want to do some of the work yourself while delegating other tasks to a contractor. This can be an ideal balance between saving money and doing the job safely. Hiring a designer to help you see a vision through can also be money well spent.

Impress Your Guests

When guests come to town, they want to stay somewhere comfortable and inviting. While they don't necessary expect luxury accommodations, they want to enjoy the time spent in your home. This may mean providing a beautiful space where they can get ready in the morning. You can accomplish this by adding a double vanity or a spacious storage closet to put their towels and other toiletries in. Even small things like having ultra-plush towels, spa supplies, or additional small mirrors can make even the smallest bathroom feel luxurious.

Aside from the kitchen, the bathroom is an ideal place to focus your time and money during a remodel. It can make the home more functional as well as more valuable when it comes time to sell. You can get inspiration for your finished product by talking to contractors or by doing research online.

If you are looking to remodel your bathroom to make it match your dream design, don’t forget about getting custom knobs and pulls. Check out what we have to offer here. If you have questions, contact us today!

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The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in a home, but that does not mean the design needs to be all about function.

Because space is often limited, designers express the home’s personality by playing up the finer details. With a few hardware updates, a mediocre pitstop transforms into a spa-like retreat. Bathroom hardware is a simple and easy design element to incorporate. Here, at First Impressions International, we offer hundreds of styles for shower door pulls, towel bars, and shower rods. Materials include acrylic, glass, nickel, chrome, bronze, pewter, brass, stainless, and wood.

Acrylic Shower Door Pulls

Our most popular option for shower door pulls is First Impressions’ acrylic line. Our acrylic and Lucite products never chip, are extremely durable, and last for years. We coat all our shower door pulls with a special UV layer to protect against fading over time. You may also order shower door pulls in other materials and finishes. View more options, here.

Towel Bars and Knobs

Towel bars and knobs make great accent pieces that pull your entire design together. We offer pieces in various materials and finishes to match shower door pulls, or create a look that stands out on its own. For a decorative touch, place knobs on the wall outside of the shower to use them as towel hooks. Arrange a few knobs on an accent wall and hang small frames with twine from them for a cottage feel.

Shower Rods

Like our shower door pulls, our shower rods are made of durable acrylic that lasts. We describe our acrylic as being “so clear, it disappears.” From a design perspective, this attribute accentuates the other design elements in the room, and it gives the room an overall clean feel.

More Information

We carry hundreds of styles to help customers express their unique style and create their bathroom oasis. If you have an idea for a style or material not found on our website, let us know. Our design team is happy to bring your vision to reality. For more information and inspiration, or to order products, visit the links below:
First Impressions Shower Door Pulls & Glass Shower Door Handles
Shower Door Handles, Glass Door Pulls, Shower Towel Bars
Clear Acrylic Shower Rods
Hooks for Shower or Glass Doors
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First Impressions International offers customers thousands of door handle designs, sizes, finishes, and mounting solutions. Once you find the right look for your home or business, you may purchase directly from one of our trusted dealers. Find a dealer near you. Each of our dealers is vetted to ensure you have the best experience.

How to find a First Impressions International dealer

Finding a dealer is easy! To begin, click FIND DEALER from the top of any page. We have dealers throughout the US and online. On the FIND DEALER page, you can search by entering your Zip Code, selecting your state, or viewing our Web Retailers.
For additional questions or comments about our dealers or dealer program, click the bar on the FIND DEALER page to send us an email.

Dealer Spotlight: Studio 41
With sixteen showrooms across Chicago, Studio 41 certainly knows how to remain a trusted fixture in the heart of a bustling city. Their showrooms say it all—clean edges, soft yet urban decor, sophistication. You can even take a virtual tour of their online showroom!

Studio 41 has something for every type of buyer, no matter the project size. Homeowners find custom pulls for their shower door, contractors order commercial door handles for large-scale renovations, designers and architects come for inspiration and find the ideal, custom door handles or unique pieces to finish a space.

The Downtown, River North location has brand new kitchen and bathroom installations with fully working showers, faucets, tubs, and toilets. Each location also offers free design services to help every type of customer turn their unique vision into reality.

Come on in, and leave your shoes at the door! Each of our dealers has gone through a stringent vetting process and has access to:

  • Product Knowledge Meetings
  • Knowledgeable Sales Staff
  • Custom Displays For Merchandising
  • On Staff Design/CAD Specialist
  • Visual Display Boards
  • Website Dealer Portal Access
  • FII Dealer Support

If you are interested in becoming an FII dealer, please complete our Dealer Application for consideration. We require proof of business prior to giving trade information to anyone. Proof consists of your company’s Federal Tax ID certificate and Resale Certificate or W-9.



Dealer Application

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Isn’t human memory amazing—how the soft scent of vanilla whisks us back to our childhood when we clung to our Grandma’s apron tails as she baked cookies, or how a sepia-toned photo booth strip stirs within us the teen angst of first crushes and summer adventures?

In the same way, retailers and restaurants display memorabilia and custom-crafted nostalgic pieces to evoke the euphoria of trust and attraction that customers initially felt about the brand.

Let’s open the door to 1915. Coca-Cola hires an artisan glass maker to design a bottle that resembles a coca leaf1. When the plant manufactures the prototype, the bottle rolls off the conveyer belt and breaks. The artisan redesigns the bottle in 1916. With two minor tweaks, Coca-Cola’s signature curved bottle with white lettering is born and remains the most recognized, collected icon a century later. Sock-hop over to 1957. Coca-Cola trades in its embossed lettering for the famous label with a white wave and lettering that we know so well today.

For its Disney Springs location, IDL Worldwide contracted with First Impressions to create custom door handles for Coca-Cola that integrated their very recognizable Wave logo. First Impressions created the door handle by negative-etching the logo on a stainless steel grip. This technique allows for an understated, almost subliminal, branded design. When patrons approach the contemporary building, they get a sense of the brand’s prestige and staying power.

Coca-Cola Disney Springs storefront
Like the scent or the photograph, the store’s custom commercial door handles open the doors to memory lane down which the customer traverses. She remembers all the life events connected to enjoying the familiar, sweet, smooth soft drink. The nostalgia of vintage Coca-Cola bottles enchants her back to summers spent at the swimming hole and hanging outside with friends until the street lights came on. When she returns to the present, she enters the store euphoric, excited to reconnect as with an old friend.


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First impressions are the lifeline for firms ever since he invention of the economic system. For example, the initial greeting from a hostess in a restaurant is imperative for the initial countenance. In the same manner, the first contact with the customer in any business is the door pull. Therefore, the high quality feel and look to the door handle is a vital component to making your business standout. Consequently, initiating customer retention and satisfaction.

Get Your Foot on the Door
Our custom Johnston and Murphy door pull immediately connects the consumer with the product before their person enters into the store. Installed on the entry doors at Disney Springs, Florida, the Johnston and Murphy operators entrusts First Impressions International to assist in their one hundred and sixty plus year tradition of shoe-making.




Show Your Colors
Leading to the Gonzaga Basketball locker room, our custom door pull provides the student athletes with a personal connection to the schools tradition of excellence from the moment they step foot into the athletic arena. Historically, Gonzaga Basketball has been a perennial powerhouse in the NCAA and they take the initiative to strive for greatness in everything they do from the moment contact is made with the door pull to the final whistle.



Hot Commodity!
Our custom Blaze Pizza wooden door pull, installed in Disney Springs, Florida, is certainly a pull that makes the business stand out. The double door entry pull is made with live edge wood with the flame logo lasered in and
burnt into the piece. Blaze Pizza’s mission’s statement is “exceptional quality.” They settled for nothing less with our product.




No Reason to be Blue
Bowerman’s Blueberries store is located in Holland Michigan and raves about how their custom First Impressions International pull adds such value to the business. The initial contact with the customer reinforces a quality aspect to the brand. "The addition of our custom blueberry pull handle was one of the best investments we made for our business" - Andrew Vantil of Bowerman Blueberries Farm Market




Another Disney Springs location product, Everything But Water brands their product with a two-inch diameter solid aluminum pull with its logo engraved and grip in custom powder coated blue finish. This custom door pull allows everything about the entrance into the store one of direct connection with the product. Our skilled craftsmen make this specific brand stand out amongst the other business because of the intricate yet simple design of the entrance.




"Pull the Feeling"
Excellence, consistency and success has defined Coca-Cola for years. Their name and brand speaks for itself. However, Coca-Cola still deems initial contact with the customer at the entrance as a vital aspect to their company. Our custom door pull handcrafted specially for one of the top institutions in the globe boosts the customers overall experience. The product manager reached out to our customer service department to thank us for our work.
“Your door pulls for the Coca-Cola Store look great! Thank you guys.” - Matthew Noyes






Pull Me Another Bartender
Our diversity and skill speaks volumes about our craftsmen and their ability to customize whatever pull or even beer tap you desire. The Office Tavern Grill approached our team about designing a custom beer tap handle in addition to their custom door pull. Needless to say our team was more than thrilled to tackle this task. The Office, centered in Morristown New Jersey. “But WOW…The door pulls and taps are AMAZING!!!!!! Everyone is commenting on the beautiful craftsmanship!” - David Jackson



"Tailored To Your Taste"
Ruths’ Chris Steakhouse has dominated the restaurant world for years through superior steaks and overall high quality. Our team made it their priority to uphold Ruths’ Chris’ values through excellence in their entrance and exit.

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Dual color combinations immediately trigger emotions from loyal fan bases around the globe. Blue and Orange provokes the “Swamp” to clap their hands resembling a Gator. Crimson and White makes the Southerns resound the call of Roll Tide. For this reason, branding is a pivotal aspect in the sports world. They create a sense of belonging and pride to the sports team.

Successful organizations have developed and marketed their brand through excellence on the field. However, the continuation of the programs image is derived through constant renovation and innovation of their brand. For example, the New England Patriots, a powerhouse for the last two decades in the National Football League, have changed their logo five times since 1960. This not only keeps things fresh for the program and its fan base but it shows the demand to constantly advance the brand.

For sports institutions all over the globe, branding establishes the identity of the team. Without a clear brand, the team would lack the necessary push athletes’ needs in order to perform at their peek. The best way to connect the fan to the athlete is bridging the drastic gap of the everyday life of a normal fan to the professional. Therefore, jerseys donning the player’s last name are sold at alarming rates. Additionally, trading cards and team gear all play a role in connecting the athlete to the everyday fan.

In the same manner, our mission in partnering with collegiate and professional institutions is to brand the programs’ identity from the moment the fan or athlete enters into the locker room or arena. Despite what seems to be a minor aspect in the brand, successful teams throughout the U.S. have deemed our product as a vital contribution to the overall experience of the fan and athlete alike. Subconsciously, custom door pulls assist in associating the nine to five fan to the three hundred pound defensive end. Our team of skillful craftsmen strives for excellence. They specialize in creating custom knobs, pulls and hinges in order to enhance the customer's experience of entering or exiting wherever they may be.

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All our designs begin with one objective, to design the perfect piece for your project… and every project is unique so every design is unique.

Our customers are always at the forefront of our minds here at First Impressions International. As part of our ongoing efforts to show our customer who we are and what we do, we’ve begun to pull back the curtain into our door hardware design process to give you the opportunity to understand us and our process better. Last month we featured an interview with lead designer James Padilla, you can see that here. Design is something that everyone here at First Impressions is passionate about, and we work to deliver the best designs day in and day out.

Our process of creating designer door handles is one that takes into account customer needs, specifications such as brand and icons, location, and material restrictions. By taking a holistic view of the design process we can create beautiful, functional door handles for our clients that are exactly what they are looking for. Every design begins with understanding the scope of the project and design requirements. Our process only commences when we know exactly what it is we are producing, nothing derails a great design faster than unexpected parameters or requirements. Once the scope of the project has been finalized we set about designing your pulls and hardware. This includes all elements of the project from materials to size to finish, everything is planned out ahead of time. Whether we are creating custom knobs and door pulls or starting a new line of retail handles we take time to ensure we deliver the best products on the market.

Now the design process can begin in earnest as we try to keep the designs true to the aesthetic value that our clients need without sacrificing any of the comfort and ergonomics of a designer door pull. The actual planning and design occurs on a 3D platform, combining Solidworks with Adobe products to generate a 3D rendering with all specifications, including size, color scheme, materials, and finish. This is where our team of dedicated and talented individuals is really able to shine. By being bold in our designs we are able to deliver exactly what our clients want, whether that is a modern chrome look or combining metal and wood or other materials to create a truly unique piece. Our team has the knowledge and experience to understand a concept, turn it into a design and ensure that the manufacturing process remains true to your goals.

After client approval of the designs we break them down into drawings of the various parts needed for manufacturing and production. This only happens after the customer is fully satisfied and happy with the design, otherwise we go back to the drawing board, so to speak. Only after we’ve gotten full approval from our client do we begin production, a process that we will look more closely at in the future. Be sure to check back as we will be showcasing some of our custom designs, and if you’ve got a need for custom door handle design we’re here to work with you and together create a great product and experience.

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“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” Steve Jobs

James Padilla, Director of Design & Product Development here at First Impressions International knows the truth inherent in this statement about as well as anyone. As the lead designer, we thought it would be great if James could share some of his expertise and grant some insight into how First Impressions is able to provide the highest levels of customer service as well as meet custom specifications for a variety of projects and designs. With his vast array of knowledge and lengthy experience, Mr. Padilla is the perfect individual to share our process and vision with our current and future customers. With all that in mind, we asked Mr. Padilla to sit down for a Q&A session in order to better illustrate how he arrived at First Impressions and the process that goes into our custom design work.

How long have you been designing custom door handles? In general and for First Impressions International?
I’ve been designing graphics for about 25 years, and for the past 12 years I’ve been combining graphics with industrial design. Designing door handles for FII is another facet of industrial design and I have done this for the last 2 years.

What program do you use for your design work?
We mainly use Solidworks for 3 D design, combining Adobe products for rendering and conceptual presentations.

What is the average time it takes to finish a customized door handle?
Average time for design on a custom handle is about 1 to 3 hours for average to medium complexity and 3 to 8 or more on highly complicated projects.

Can you describe the process you go through when creating a custom door handle design?
Gathering all information from clients and sale team.
Develop conceptual ideas based on client’s requests.
Design the 3D model in Solidworks, develop CAD drawings for submittals.
Develop drawings for parts required in manufacturing.

What is the most challenging aspect of designing custom handles?
One challenging aspect designing custom handles is keeping a balance between ergonomics and aesthetics.

What inspires your custom designs?
Designing for corporate I like to explore using their logo as handles and possibly incorporate different materials such as Acrylic, Wood, and Leather.
Designing new products I get inspired by shapes in nature combined with geometrical shapes.

What’s the difference between modern and classic design?
Classic design, in my opinion, is very much decorative and not necessarily practical.
Modern design looks for simplicity and it’s what I referred to as ergonomically friendly.

Do you have a favorite project that you have worked on?
Combining metals and wood it is always my favorite, especially when live wood is utilized.

Are your designs often detailed from the clients or are you given freedom to design as you see fit?
We get both scenarios- some clients are very specific and detailed in their vision and others come with a general concept and allow us to design as we think is best.

How has the design world changed since you first began?
We have become more environmentally friendly and that is a big plus, not only is this industry but for all aspects of business.

Are the design and material interdependent? Are there specific designs that only work with certain types of materials?
The answer is yes. We always need to consider application and the durability of the product.

What is one piece of advice you would give to someone who wants to get involved in the world of custom design fixtures? Be it door handles or anything else?
Keep it simple, practical, and pleasing to look at. Besides that, just enjoy your designs.

Check out our array of door pulls or contact us about ordering a custom pull for your business and give James and our team another great project that you can be proud of!!

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Before answering the question of what the difference between the two is let’s examine some other products that are in the same situation. Kleenex, Scotch tape, Band-aid, Vaseline, Lucite. What do all of these items have in common? They’re all brand names that have taken the place of the product name itself. Lucite is a high quality, trademarked version of acrylic resin developed by DuPont in 1937. Acrylic plastics can be used as replacements for glass in many products, with varying degrees of visual and constructive qualities. Lucite is an acrylic plastic resin used primarily in windows and fashionable interior and furniture design due to its strength, crystal transparency, and flexibility along with its resistance to UV rays, wind, and water. Not all acrylic is created equal. Some acrylic is low quality and may not be as clear or resistant to the elements as a higher grade acrylic plastic, such as Lucite. Lucite is used in our acrylic pull handles and knobs as we only use the best materials. Lucite is crystal clear and scratch resistant, meaning that it won’t lose that perfect look the first time someone opens the door. Lucite is incredibly flexible for a material with its strength, making it perfect to use in the creation of custom or exotically designed knobs and handles. It can also be colored by adding dyes, pigments, and other substances to create a one of a kind look. The reason we here at First Impressions International use Lucite is because we believe in using only the highest quality materials to create the best products on the market. Our customers deserve nothing but the best and we wouldn’t work any other way. In short there is no real difference between Acrylic and Lucite, Lucite is just the best version of acrylic on the market. When a company says they are selling acrylic products the quality may run the gamut from poor to the highest possible, there’s no way of knowing until you see the product itself. Since we use Lucite in our products the quality is always of the highest order, whether that is a custom designed piece, a totally translucent handle, or a multi-colored knob, our products are held to the highest standards.

Since Lucite is a specific type of acrylic, namely the best, comparing it to glass is the next step in discussing why we choose to use it in our products. Glass was the standard bearer for clear home fixtures for a long time. With the development and advent of Lucite home and business fixtures and Acrylic furniture, especially following WWII where it had been used exhaustively for military purposes, glass became less prevalent over time. Today Lucite continues to see many uses in home furnishing, mainly due to the strength of the material and its break resistant nature; making it safer to use as furniture and functional pieces. While strength is a key factor in using Lucite, the material is also incredibly flexible, weighs less than glass, and is even clearer than glass. All of these factors, especially the safety, weight, and malleability of Lucite makes it the superior option for creating pull handles, knobs, curtain rods, and other deluxe home hardware.