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Marketing your business’s brand is essential for bringing in new customers or guests. The best way to make a lasting first impression with potential customers is to showcase your business in all aspects of your storefront. Of course, you have a big sign with your business’s name and logo that customers see from a distance, but what if they are walking right up to the door? Having custom door handles that feature your business’s brand is a great way to attract customers. Furthermore, they are a great way to keep current customers and increase brand recognition at a glance. You put your logo on everything from your signs to your receipts, so why not put it on your door, too?

At First Impressions International, we specialize in custom door handles, creating handles that are unique to each business. We have four different types of custom door handle projects, including branded, monogrammed, semi-custom, and themed. Read more to learn about each type of project and then be sure to check out our recent work gallery to see some examples of custom work that we have completed in the past!

Branded Door Handles
Turn your vision into a reality and give your business more exposure than before with an original, custom-made branded door handle. With a branded door handle, your customers and guests get to see your business’s name, logo, and/or key features instantly. Customers will easily be able to identify your business, just by walking up to the front door. Branded handles can be designed in a few different ways. Customized from the ground up, they can be anything from die-cut shapes of your logo or a key product you sell to your business’s name embellished in metal or wood — it’s all up to you. Decide what kind of door handle will work best with your front doors, and with a little time and creative collaboration with our team, you’ll get beautiful and high-quality customized handles that will really wow your customers. The possibilities are truly endless, and the only limit is your imagination.
View examples of our custom branded door handles here.

Monogrammed Door Handles
Similar to branded door handles, but less bold, you can get a fully custom door handle using your business’s initials in a stylized, monogrammed design. Monogrammed door handles are built from scratch and uniquely made for your business. Most commonly, monogrammed handles are made with the same font as the business’s logo, but the choice is yours. The door handles are also commonly cut so the handles themselves are the letters. Choosing monogrammed door handles is a really great way to promote brand recognition for your business. After all, it is pretty hard to forget the name of a business if you have to actually touch a door handle that showcases the brand, so it’s a great idea to invest in a custom monogram handle.
See examples of monogrammed door handles we have created.

Semi-Custom Door Handles
Sometimes, fully-branded door handles are not in the best interest or price range for some businesses. That’s okay — opt for semi-custom door handles that are still unique, yet less design-heavy and thus, more practical. Pick from a wide range of pre-existing door handles and have them modified from there. Change up the materials or finish, add your business name, adjust the mounting position — whatever you’d like us to customize, we can handle it.
Take a look at our available semi-custom door handles.

Themed Door Handles
Perhaps you do not necessarily need a fully customized door handle, but you would still like a fun, statement piece in your entryway. You can choose from a variety of pre-designed themed door handles that are made for different industries. Themed handles could be anything from cut-out shapes to recognizable symbols to unique, eye-catching designs and lettering. From wooden spoons for restaurants to guitars for music shops, themed door handles will still allow customers to get a feel of the business before walking inside, without needing full customization.
Shop all of our themed door handles.

Materials and Color
All four of these types of custom door handles come in a variety of materials and colors. Even if you’re opting for a themed handle, you still get to customize some parts! Custom front door handles can be made from glass, metal, or wood. Metal door handles can come in up to thirty different finishes, to really tie your entryway and brand together. Plus, depending on the front door that you have, we can even customize the mounting placement on most handles. No matter what type of custom door handle you pick, you will get a high-quality, carefully manufactured statement piece that sings your business’s name to the streets.
Learn more about what we can customize.

Wow Your Customers with Custom Door Handles by First Impressions International
At First Impressions International, we will work in collaboration with you to produce the most eye-catching and unique custom door handles that can fit any type of business. In the past, we have created a variety of different custom handles. We have done everything from die-cut logos to embellished, beveled brand name designs to handles that are shaped like a product that the business sells. No matter how custom or complicated your project may seem, trust First Impressions International to deliver a high-quality, made-from-scratch, customized door handle for your business. To get started on your custom door handle project, contact us at First Impressions International to start collaborating with a designer today.

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When designing or remodeling your home or business, there are a lot of decisions that have to be made, from which room to remodel to paint colors, trim work, and appliances and fixtures. One decision you’ll have to make regards your door hardware. While this may seem like a minor decision, it truly is not. Businesses are now realizing the value of making a first impression before customers even walk in the door. One way to do this is through custom commercial door pulls, which can convey a lot about what your guests can expect even before they walk through the door. Used in branding, you can leave your guests with an imprint in their mind as the first thing and the last thing they notice in their interaction time at your place of establishment.

All that being said, there’s a lot that you need to decide before settling on a custom door handle. First Impressions International offers the best custom door handles and pulls for you. We are expert designers and manufacturers of not only custom door pulls, but also custom door knobs and other door hardware, such as in your kitchen and bathroom. Below, we’ll offer up tips on how to choose door handles for your home or office. Visit us online to get started today!


Decide on the Type of Door Handle You Want

There are many different types of door handles to choose from, each one can give your home or office a different look and feel. There are door knobs, which are round or oval in shape and are very popular and easy to use. Levers have a more modern look and feel to them. They are the door handles that are long and straight and you normally use them to press down to open the door. Then you have door pulls that you either pull or push to enter a building. These can be quite ornate as they are designed to be longer in order to grab on to them better. Think of door handles as an extension of the theme you are trying to convey.

Decide on the Material of Door Handle You Want

Door handles, including custom door handles, can be made out of almost any material you can imagine, from wood and metal to porcelain and even plastic. Depending on your use, you also might want to consider wear and tear and longevity as well. For instance, if you are ordering a custom door handle for your business, you probably want a durable material that can stand up to being handled many times a day. If you are putting your custom door handle in an upstairs room where no one goes, perhaps a glass or a porcelain door handle would be fitting — one that is more susceptible to breaking. You’ll also want to consider style and theme here as well in order to match your custom door handle. If you are ordering a custom door handle for your boot business, you probably want a door handle made from boots.

Decide on Finish

Finish is important for door handles because finish can convey meaning. For example, if you choose a brass or chrome finish for your custom door handle, it will definitely look classic. However, it can also show fingerprints readily. It’s always best to choose a finish that will not only complement your other hardware in your room or store, but also one that won’t require a lot of maintenance. While fingerprints and food (if you are a restaurant) are inevitable, these can be minimized with the right door hardware.


So much goes into remodeling your home or office, or even into new construction. With so many major decisions to make, from location and style to flooring and decking, door handles can get left by the wayside. However, understanding their importance and how to choose them can make the process a bit smoother.

First Impressions International offers the best custom door handles for your commercial business or residential use. For over 20 years, we’ve been helping customers make the perfect door handle that will leave the right impression right from the get-go. From branded and themed to monogram or a combination of both, we can help you begin to craft your custom door handle.

Our custom door handle process is simple. You can send us an idea, and we’ll go from there. We then utilize CAD for our drawings, and then we send them to you for feedback. This process continues until the perfect door handle is designed. Then we move into the manufacturing phase, where we’ll make your custom door handles for you, and ship them your way. Check out our great return policy online.

We offer a wide range of materials for you to choose from, including exotic hardwoods, crystal, glass, acrylics, metals, and many more. We also tailor our finishes to suit your needs, such as antique to shiny and weather-resistant to heavy usage. If you need some ideas to get you started, visit our website. There, you will see all of our door hardware, including cabinet and bathroom hardware. Let us help you create the brand you want. Contact us today to get started, or browse our website to place your custom door handle order or to get an idea of the selection we offer.

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In our last blog post, we began to examine the different types of door handles. We focused on shape previously, and today we will focus on custom door handles by material.

First Impressions International offers the best craftspeople to make your custom door handles. From casters and welders to machinists, assemblers, finishers, and inspectors, we are dedicated to giving you the best door handles that will withstand the test of time. Below, you’ll learn more about the different types of door handles by material. Contact us today to get started!


Wooden Door Handles

Perhaps the first door handle ever was made from wood. Wood is easy to shape and thus can make a great door handle material. Wood is also extremely easy to carve, and back before CNC machines, if you wanted a really elaborate door handle you had to have wood because it can be carved easily. Wood nowadays gives your home or office door a classic look, and this type of door handle is quite affordable and easy to customize, from modern style to rustic. Wood is also easy to paint and holds color well if treated afterwards. Wooden door handles remain a very popular material here at First Impressions International for custom door handles.

Metal Door Handles

In the 21st century, there is no limit to the type of metal that can be used for door handles. Thus, many customers looking for a truly unique custom door handle choose metal because it can leave a lasting impression. For example, any item on your home or business made from copper can catch the eye. Copper, albeit quite expensive, is affordable in small quantities, so making a custom door handle out of copper can be a good investment in the long run to make a lasting impression. Any type of metal is also durable and long-lasting. They are also rust-free and anti-bacterial by nature. Metal handles are quite popular so, odds are, you’ll see a lot of this type of custom door handles around your town, city, or places you visit.

Glass Door Handles

Glass had been around for millenia with ancient glass-makers blowing glass into different shapes for many uses. Thus, it makes sense that glass would be a great material from which to make custom door handles. Easy to manipulate into shapes and add in color, glass door handles come in many different designs from traditional to contemporary. Glass handles by themselves will definitely grab people’s attention since they are not a popular material to make custom door handles from. They are elegant and add a flair of Old World-style with a shiny, classy look. You can make glass door handles into any shape you want to make the stunning first impression you want to make with everyone who walks through your doors.

Ceramic Door Handles

Ceramic door handles are a great go-to for those looking to add some flair to the door hardware. Ceramic door handles usually come in lots of great colors so you can match items in your home or office. Ceramic is usually clay, porcelain, or brick. China, earthenware, and stoneware are also ceramic materials that are popular for custom door handles. Each ceramic has its own unique qualities that can make them stand out from the crowd. For example, porcelain is an extremely hard, translucent white ceramic that has been around for millenia. Porcelain is also known as “fine china” since it has been used for centuries in China to make the best plates, cups, and vases. In addition, you can glaze porcelain to give it a beautiful shine and gleam. Custom ceramic door handles are quite popular here at First Impressions International.


Custom commercial door pulls are increasingly being used to prepare your guests for what they will encounter when they walk into your business. Whether you are a place of worship and are looking to have metal door handles of crosses made, or you are a trendy restaurant that wants a matching drum set, First Impressions International has got your needs covered. Homeowners are turning to custom door handles as well to differentiate their home from the other similar homes in their subdivision neighborhood. Furthermore, we are seeing a lot of orders for unusual interior door handles and hardware as well. After all, this is what you will see the most of, so you will get to enjoy these as well.

In addition, First Impressions International offers cabinet hardware, appliance hardware, as well as unique custom hardware solutions for your bathroom. To create custom door pulls, the process is simple. We use CAD to transmit our designs to you. We make improvements until you are satisfied, more of this online. If you see something in our showroom you like, but you want it unique as well, we can customize anything custom hardware.

First Impressions International is dedicated to making your life easier, not only by providing you with the best commercial and residential door pulls and handles, but also by giving you a reason to smile every time you walk in the door. If you have drawn up an idea, we’d love to see it. Or, we’d love to hear your vision of a custom door pull and make that come true. Our expert designers love creating your dream door hardware. Contact us today to get started!

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You may be surprised to learn that there are different types of door handles. While door handles work in much the same way, the different types have to do with the materials used as well as the overall look and shape of the handle.

First Impressions International offers the best door handles. For over 20 years, we’ve been designing and manufacturing door handles that suit your residential or commercial space and that make a unique and valuable first impression. Door handles can give your customers an immediate impression of your brand, plus give them a reason to smile! Below, we’ll go over the different types of door handles available so that you can begin to think about what type you want. Order yours today!


Round Door Knobs

Perhaps the most common door handle is the door knob. While not technically a handle, it is often confused as such and is a type of door hardware. This door hardware operates by turning the knob clockwise or anti-clockwise. You may also see a door knob in the middle of a door to make it easier to close from the inside, although these are not all that popular. These do require a bit of force to turn and pull or push open, which can be a problem for kids and pets, as well as those suffering from arthritis. However, these are made for hands, are affordable, and can make your home look classy.

Door Levers

Consisting of a lever, or a thin piece that you simply push down on, door levers are easy to open when compared to round door knobs and thus are popular with seniors. Also known as lever handles, this type of door handles are also easy for children to open, so when kids are younger, these are great for bedroom doors. They can be installed either way and add a touch of elegance to any home or business. These are great to use in the interior of your home or office, such as for bathrooms or bedrooms. However, the one complaint people have with decorative door levers is that they easily snag their coat or purse on them, which can throw you off balance when this happens. Also, children can easily break these as well.

Door Handles That Come in Sets

Door handle sets come in matching pairs, which add an elegance and sophistication to your home or business. Door handle sets can vary, but typically you will have a handle with a thumb button that you press down, which unlatches the door and allows it to open (usually by pulling). This type of door hardware is the longest lasting because it takes less wear and tear than other types of door handles that can wear out over time. With door handle sets, you just have to double verify that you have the two pieces lined up before you drill a hole.


Door handles truly do make opening and closing doors easy. There are various styles to choose from as we’ve seen that can really give you an opportunity to personalize your home or business and make it stand out from the crowd. Trust us, people notice unique and custom door handles.

First Impressions International has dedicated the last 20 years to helping you create the door handle of your dreams. Whether you are building a custom home, adding on to an existing home, or looking for a way to brand your business, our custom commercial door pulls have got your needs covered. If you want a unique design, we can help. You can bring your idea to us, and we’ll draw up our ideas with CAD drawings. We’ll refine it until we get it right. Then we’ll manufacture your custom door handle exactly how you want it. We ship it to you, and you install. It’s that simple.

In addition to the best modern door handles, we also offer cabinet hardware and appliance hardware, as well as hardware for your bathroom. Anywhere you have a door or an item that opens we can custom for you. Contact us today to get started!

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Door handles are very similar to door knobs, except door handles are made to aid in pushing and pulling a door shut. Door knobs you usually twist to open a door. Door knobs can have locks in them, while door handles usually have a separate door lock.

First Impressions International makes the best custom door handles and door pulls. You can choose from our wide variety of door handles online that come in different materials, or we can work with you to design unique, one-of-a-kind creations to make the best first impression at your business. Below, we’ll take a brief look at the history of door handles. Contact us today to learn more!


In our last blog post, we discussed the history of door knobs. Similarly, door handles began as an easier way to push or pull doors open and closed. It’s only been in recent times that the door handle has come into official existence. Previously, humans just didn’t need them. Doors were thinner and easier to open, and times and life were much simpler than they are today.

Officially, door handles came into existence in America in 1878, when a man named Osbourn Dorsey submitted and received a patent for his door handle. Locks and keys were in use at the time, but only by those that could afford them. This is where the Chamberlain came into existence. A Chamberlain was employed by the well-to-do with the sole purpose of keeping the keys to safes that held their employers valuables safe. He was the only one who could lock and unlock valuables except for the family.

Eventually, the idea caught on. Besides being functional, door handles were a way to create a great first impression on people. After all, they are the first thing you truly notice when you walk up to a place of business. Door handles are used on both interior and exterior doors. They are very important for the beauty of the entire door itself. Plus, using a door handle is much safer than just pushing on a door with all your might to open it. Door handles alter the force needed to open a door by distributing your exertion throughout the entire frame, making it lighter. Even little children and the elderly can open very heavy doors thanks to the door handle.

Door handles can also be used on cupboards, cabinets, armoires, almirahs, and more. You can have any style, any finish, and any color you like, as well as any material. The sky is the limit, and custom door handles are increasingly becoming more popular as commercial businesses are striving to differentiate themselves from the competition and add to their branding.


First Impressions International has been making the best custom door handles for over 20 years. Every door handle or door pull you see on our website can be customized, from simple monogramming to a complete overhaul. We also can take your idea and help turn it into reality. We have created commercial door hardware for many well-known brands, including Chanel, Hard Rock, Disney, and Ritz Carlton. We understand the value of making the best first impression possible. Our custom design and manufacturing capabilities are out of this world. Explore more of our custom door handles today.

In addition to custom door handles and pulls, we also offer traditional door knobs, other door hardware, such as levers, cabinet hardware, and bath hardware. Any room in your home that has a door of some sort can have a unique door pull or door knob. Our mission is to help create that for you.

If you have a logo, we can create a split door handle, or we can create our door handles out of your initials. Leave the best first impression with First Impressions International.

Whether you need a custom door pull for your hotel, commercial business, or just your home, we can help. We will give you options as well as CAD drawings throughout the process until you are satisfied. Once completed, we’ll ship the custom door pulls or handles straight to your door. The mounting is easy. Check out our return policy if needed. Visit us online today!

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Most of us don’t pay attention to door handles or knobs. After all, you only pull or push on them for a few seconds when you enter or exit a building. Most of us are too busy thinking about where we are going and what we are going to do once we get there to even register a door pull — except when it’s unique.

First Impressions International makes custom door handles, as well as cabinet hardware, appliance hardware, bath knobs and pulls, and commercial door pulls. For over 20 years, we’ve been helping design and manufacture unique creations for your commercial business with the goal of making the best first impression possible. But did you ever wonder how door knobs were first invented? Below, we’ll examine the history of door knobs. Contact us today to get started!


In the beginning thousands of years ago, most people lived in one big room. However, as civilizations grew and people wanted privacy to the point they were willing to build more than one room, two rooms were built. But how to separate them? Animal pelts and cloth were technically the first doors, both for entering a home and for creating rooms. In this instance, door knobs obviously weren’t needed when all you did was push the animal hide or cloth to the side. Eventually, doors were made from wood, but again, there were no handles. These doors were merely pushed in or out to open and close.

For thousands of years, no one thought of a door knob. Then, locks began to be in style. As civilization grew, so did crime, so people needed a way to keep their valuables safe while they were away. The ancient Egyptians had some form of a door lock. Surprisingly, locks became commonplace on doors but no handles to open them. Locks were made from metal with a key, but the poor used a string or a strap of leather that would be inserted through a hole in the door that was then used to lift and lower a bar.

In the sixteenth century, door knobs appeared but only in palaces and the homes of nobles. However, these were for looks only; they did not have any control over the door. You can see examples of these in the Palace of Versailles outside of Paris.

American Ingenuity

Americans were the ones to truly give door knobs a use. After the American Revolution, the US began to manufacture their own door knobs. Doors were becoming thicker, so door knobs were an easy way to open doors rather than having to push them open. From 1830 to 1873, the US patent office was inundated with door knob patents. Over 100 were submitted during that time frame.

The sky was the limit for materials that door knobs could be made from. The earliest door knobs were made from glass, china, or ceramic. Clay and metal were popular materials of choice as well. Some door knobs operated with a twist; some didn’t. Wood door knobs were easy to come by as well. However, metal became the optimal choice due to the fact there was less care involved, they were stronger, and they lasted longer.

In the era of opulence (otherwise known as the Victorian era), everything you could think of was upgraded, including door knobs. Decorative door hardware, knobs, and handles were in vogue. Soon, the door knob was ubiquitous, operating the same way they do today with the same purpose — to open and close doors, as well as to secure them.


First impressions International continues the long tradition of manufacturing custom door knobs of your choice. We also have a wide variety of door knobs available online for you to choose from, both in classical style and modern as well. We offer different door knob materials in all of our styles, from bronze and brass to chrome and nickel. All are easy to install and look beautiful on any door in your home or business.

If you want to make the best first impression, then shop our door knobs and handles online today. Our transitional door knobs are sure to delight and make a great impression. Shop online today!

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Opting for hardwood floors for your home or office is an elegant choice. You can leave the floors bare or you can dress them up with area rugs. Before you have the hardwood flooring installed, you'll have a few choices to make. The easiest way to make these choices is to come up with a theme. Whether you decide to have a different concept for every room or one that spreads across your entire home, a theme helps you narrow down your choices. Here are three ways you can customize your hardwood floors to create the perfect look for every room in your home.

Color Scheme

Even though you have already decided to go with hardwood flooring, bear in mind that wood is available in different shades. Take a look at your home's current color scheme and see what matches best. If you are trying to create a rustic look, hickory is a good option. Cherry works for a rustic theme because this wood has a deep and rich color. You'll find that there is a broad selection to choose from. Basically, the varying shades of brown, red and beige allow for a variety of color palettes.

Gloss Level

Once you have picked out the color scheme that suits you, it is time to think about the gloss level. If you were to opt for a 100% level, you would essentially be installing a mirror for your floors. A 50% gloss level gives you a pronounced sheen that could look both modern and formal. A 15% gloss level is an excellent option for a floor that will be used often. A hardwood floor with a matte finish is great for high-traffic areas since the natural absence of shine can help hide dirt.

Plank Width

Lastly, think about the width of the planks. Generally, the wider the space, the wider the planks should be. If you are going to install a hardwood floor in a large area, you'll want the flooring to be free of crevices that can be caused by narrow planks. When there are fewer planks adjoining one another, there will also be fewer crevices created where dirt and dust can hide.

Installing a hardwood floor in your home or office is a sophisticated decision. To ensure that it lasts a long time, take into consideration its plank width, gloss level, and color scheme in relation to your home's current decorative theme.

Working on a renovation of your home or office? First Impressions International can help. We offer many products and services that can provide a seamless solution from ideation, to design specification, to manufacturing, and customer fulfillment.

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Though there are plenty of articles on the latest trends in interior design, not that many point out design no-nos. That’s probably because what is a no-no to one homeowner is an act of design genius to another, but there are some things that simply must not be done. Here are four of them:

Buying the Wrong Sized Furniture

Occasionally, buying furniture that’s a bit too small or too large can make an odd-sized room look proportional. Usually, wrong sized furniture is a mistake. Furniture that’s too small for the room makes it seem cavernous, and furniture that’s too big makes a room not only crowded but also hard to navigate. This, in turn, makes the room unwelcoming. Ways to avoid this are to measure the room and be conservative when it comes to how much furniture to put in it.

Clutter That Everyone Can See

Open shelves have been trendy for some years, but the thing about them is that they must be kept tidy. It doesn't matter if they hold bath towels, dinnerware or curios. If open shelves are messy, they are going to be a serious turnoff. The objects should not only be kept in good order but should also complement each other when it comes to color, texture, and size.

Fire Hazards

Fire hazards are not only unsightly, but as the name says, they’re hazardous. The most common issues include candles near a flammable surface, blackout drapes near a flame source, or exposed wiring. Fire hazards are curtains over kitchen windows that puddle on the floor or paper towel racks near a source of flame. A dirty fireplace is not only ugly but is a fire hazard. That black gunk on the back wall is creosote, a flammable residue. Make sure that a chimney sweep checks and cleans the fireplace every year.

Insufficient Lighting

Insufficient lighting can make an otherwise cheerful room seem small and gloomy. On the opposite end of the spectrum, lighting that is too bright can cause glare and eyestrain. Design experts recommend layering light, which means an overhead light for general lighting, table or floor lamps for task lighting and maybe accent lighting to highlight a painting or work of art.

Avoiding designer mistakes is easy if you use a bit of forethought. But the good thing about design boo-boos is that, like a bad haircut, they can be remedied. All it might take is good lighting design, a coat of paint or that perfect chair.

Ready to redesign the interior of your home or business? First Impressions International has custom door handles, pulls, and more to take your designs to the next level!

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Adding a home improvement project to your yearly bucket list can be one of the most rewarding and fun times. Not only does this constitute a healthy change in your everyday life, but it also allows you to get your home up to date with the latest trends. The following list is the top home improvement trends of 2019 that you can begin adding to your home today.

Outdoor Elements

The aesthetics of the outdoors is a natural appeal to humans and thus the reasons why many are beginning to bring those elements indoors. This practice has been increasing in popularity with younger homeowners as they often are seeking to escape the cold, dark spaces of their work offices. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to simply bring natural tones into your designs. Are you thinking about redesigning your fireplace? Try adding smooth stones around your fireplace to add a calming effect. Indoor plants are also making a comeback in the form of entryways. Regardless of the area in which you are seeking to work on, you can implement these features anywhere.

Smart Home Technology

One of the most popular additions to a home is not decorative at all but more for convenience and sustainability. A very popular trend going on in 2019 is the addition of smart technology within the home. Digital thermostats have been around for years, but none of them could learn from your habits. By the start of 2019, 33.2 percent of households had smart home automation to some degree. Many of these tech devices are being implemented within a home's kitchen and bath. This is due to the fact that much of people’s utility bills are spent on running water.

Open Kitchen Shelving

In 2019, one of the hottest trends in the kitchen area is ditching the traditional bulky cabinets for sleek, spacious shelves. Adding this to your list of home improvement projects can help make your kitchen look larger and more modern. If you're not sure about how well these types of storage shelves would work for your family, you can always take a test run by replacing one cabinet at a time.

Whether you're planning on a small or a large home improvement project in the coming year, hopefully some of these ideas will help you to begin turning those wheels of creativity. 2019 is no doubt featuring some of the hottest trends in home improvement. So be creative and make your home more modern by trying one of these trends!

For a personalized touch to your home improvement, try our custom door pulls!

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We hear a lot about buying American-made products, and it always seems like the right thing to do to show pride in your country. However, in what ways does buying domestically produced goods prove beneficial to ordinary Americans? There are actually several benefits for the population in general. A few in particular stand out, and you might not have thought about them before.

Supporting the Economy

According to Havahart, buying products made in America helps support the national economy, including generating tax revenue and creating more jobs, often in higher-paying positions. In addition, every manufacturing job generates several others that support the primary employee. Communities in areas that produce these products also see an expansion of peripheral services such as restaurants, retail outlets, realtors and car dealerships. Each one of these employees increases municipal and federal revenue. In short, this is a win-win situation all around. Individuals, too, benefit from the positive effect on the economy. Everyone will have more money to spend and opportunities to spend that money. Everything balances out in this situation and creates a constant growth cycle.

Maintaining Quality Standards

American goods usually have stricter regulations and higher standards for quality than imports do. According to Absolute Steel Texas, American steel meets or exceeds the specifications for architectural steel. Due to tighter health and environmental standards, domestic products are less likely to use dangerous chemicals that can be harmful to peoples' health and safety. Consumers benefit from products that are of a higher quality, and they're likely to buy more of them. Each consumer's purchasing behavior impacts the broader economy and eventually influences other consumers. This is an essential cycle to consider in the larger scheme of things.

Safer Labor Standards

Goods made in the United States are subject to some of the world's most stringent labor safety standards. According to Facts and Details, although the developing world has been trying to catch up to American standards, there is still a lot of progress to make. Buying products made in the United States is an excellent way to ensure items are manufactured under more fair labor practices. In today's world, social responsibility is of great importance. With manufacturing under fair standards being a significant part of this philosophy, buyers are more conscientious of labor conditions. Buying American products and supporting the companies that make them is an excellent way to benefit the economy and those directly impacted by any changes to it.

There are few things more beneficial to your community than buying American-made goods. American-made products are high quality, more ethical, and better for supporting our country’s economy. And the best part is, in benefiting the broader community, you'll also be able to help yourself.

Another good way to benefit your community is to make your home environmentally friendly. on how you can do that!