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Cabinet Hardware

Old Craft, Fresh Look: Cabinet Hardware For Every Taste

The art of cabinetry making is hundreds of years old with schools of design including French Provincial, Early American Colonial, and Rustic, amongst many others. Earliest cabinet makers were generally artisans of fine furniture. It wasn't until much later that built-in cabinetry became a household standard, most notably in the kitchen and bathroom. To no surprise, to complement the diversity of cabinet designs, there are a wide range of cabinet hardware options to satisfy consumers. To illustrate, the options for exterior mounting include cabinet hardware pulls, cabinet knobs, and cabinet handles. While this diversity of design pleases the ascetic appetite, it also has the added benefit of providing a variety of choices to accommodate a variety of needs (i.e. smaller hands/children, sufferers of arthritis with limited dexterity). Cabinet hardware pulls are nothing if not functional to the end user.



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