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3 Painting Projects You May Not Have Considered

Everyone thinks about painting their walls when their home needs an update. There's a good chance that you may not have considered all the other areas that can benefit from a coat of fresh paint. The simple step of painting can add character and newness to many parts of the home. Here are some unexpected places that a fresh layer of paint can make a huge difference.


If your home has stairs, they can be a centerpiece of beautiful color when painted. Try painting stairs all one color or using a rainbow design to add playful flair. Some homeowners even use their stairs to write messages, painting them a light color and then stenciling over them with sayings or household rules. Painters range in what they charge for painting stairs, usually around $50 an hour. Of course, the price will also depend on how many stairs are in the home. Be aware that while the paint is drying on stairs, maneuvering around the house may be difficult. You don't want footprints stamped into the new paint by accident, which is why it can make sense to paint half of the stairs before painting the other half. You might also consider putting drop cloths or other protective supplies at the base of the stairs to prevent paint from getting on the floor.

The Pool

People paint the outside of their houses for appearance sake, so why not do the same with a pool? It's easy for water to discolor the surface of a pool over time, and painting gives it a facelift that improves the look of the entire yard. It can make a pool look more modern as well. A pool will be out of commission for a period of time while it's being painted, but it's worth it. Costs vary, but depending on the size of the pool and the time required, this project can come in at under $1000. A good cleaning combined with a fresh coat of paint revitalizes the pool and gets it ready for use all summer long.


Though it's not an option for people with carpet, those of you who enjoy wood or concrete floors have the chance to paint them. It's wise to do this one room at a time or have a place to stay while the whole house dries. You can lighten up a shadowed house with light floors or create other optical illusions with other paint colors on your floors. Paint floors a fun color and balance them with white or gray furniture. This is a project that can be do-it-yourself or hired out, depending on time and money.

Painting has moved way beyond just the walls. It’s now a great way to change or update many parts of a home. Don't be afraid to take risks and see what comes when exploring new colors and creations.

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