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3 Tips for a Cohesive Kitchen Remodel

Your kitchen remodeling job will go more quickly and turn out better if you plan it out in advance. Even if you work with a designer, they need your help to determine which materials will work best in your kitchen and your lifestyle. Many things contribute to which materials work best, for example, heavy foot traffic needs a hearty floor like a ceramic tile or marble.

Pick a Theme

Picking a theme for your remodel helps create a cohesive kitchen and a successful remodeling experience. Your theme needs to be something you want to look at every day, something that functions with your lifestyle and a look that compliments the rest of your home.

Do not confuse theme and style. A décor theme refers to the motif used, such as apples or watermelons or a French café. The style refers to a period of architecture or overall décor style such as post-modern, minimalist, American country home or English cottage. You need to determine both. You could decorate in the style of American country home with a nautical theme, for example. These two choices drive the look of every item in the re-design – cabinets, flooring, window treatments, even the drawer, and cabinet pulls.

Select Cohesive Cabinetry

Your next step is choosing the kitchen cabinets you desire. Think about your lifestyle and how you use your kitchen. Make a list of the things you dislike about your current kitchen. If you wish it had more storage, write it down. If you wish you had an island. Write it down. If it creates a problem that you only have one sink, but two cooks in the kitchen, write it down. With this list and your style and theme noted, go to the showroom to shop for cabinets.

Speak with a designer. They’ll help you find a set of cabinets that match your theme and style. If you are not changing your flooring, take photos of your kitchen floor with you for the designer. This helps them match wood tones and finishes. For example, the soft colors and cozy designs of cottage kitchen cabinets work well with hardwood floors. For an updated classic look, pair minimalist cabinets with a black or gray slate floor.

Drawer Pulls and Knobs

Once you know which cabinets and flooring you want, choose the finishing touches like the drawer pulls and knobs. Some people choose to use only knobs or only pulls, but it is more common to use both. Knobs typically get installed on cabinet doors and pulls typically go on drawers. Add contrast to your cabinets by choosing a hardware finish that pleasingly conflicts. For example, on light wood finishes or white cabinets, use brushed stainless steel hardware since it is slightly darker than the cabinetry. Use a brighter finish, like mirrored stainless steel, for darker cabinet finishes. The hardware you pick should also complement the hinges, faucets, and appliances.

Following these three simple steps can speed your kitchen remodel along. Start with your style and theme, then choose the materials that complete it best.