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Avoid These 4 Interior Design No-Nos

Though there are plenty of articles on the latest trends in interior design, not that many point out design no-nos. That’s probably because what is a no-no to one homeowner is an act of design genius to another, but there are some things that simply must not be done. Here are four of them:

Buying the Wrong Sized Furniture

Occasionally, buying furniture that’s a bit too small or too large can make an odd-sized room look proportional. Usually, wrong sized furniture is a mistake. Furniture that’s too small for the room makes it seem cavernous, and furniture that’s too big makes a room not only crowded but also hard to navigate. This, in turn, makes the room unwelcoming. Ways to avoid this are to measure the room and be conservative when it comes to how much furniture to put in it.

Clutter That Everyone Can See

Open shelves have been trendy for some years, but the thing about them is that they must be kept tidy. It doesn't matter if they hold bath towels, dinnerware or curios. If open shelves are messy, they are going to be a serious turnoff. The objects should not only be kept in good order but should also complement each other when it comes to color, texture, and size.

Fire Hazards

Fire hazards are not only unsightly, but as the name says, they’re hazardous. The most common issues include candles near a flammable surface, blackout drapes near a flame source, or exposed wiring. Fire hazards are curtains over kitchen windows that puddle on the floor or paper towel racks near a source of flame. A dirty fireplace is not only ugly but is a fire hazard. That black gunk on the back wall is creosote, a flammable residue. Make sure that a chimney sweep checks and cleans the fireplace every year.

Insufficient Lighting

Insufficient lighting can make an otherwise cheerful room seem small and gloomy. On the opposite end of the spectrum, lighting that is too bright can cause glare and eyestrain. Design experts recommend layering light, which means an overhead light for general lighting, table or floor lamps for task lighting and maybe accent lighting to highlight a painting or work of art.

Avoiding designer mistakes is easy if you use a bit of forethought. But the good thing about design boo-boos is that, like a bad haircut, they can be remedied. All it might take is good lighting design, a coat of paint or that perfect chair.

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