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Custom Door Handles for Your Business

Marketing your business’s brand is essential for bringing in new customers or guests. The best way to make a lasting first impression with potential customers is to showcase your business in all aspects of your storefront. Of course, you have a big sign with your business’s name and logo that customers see from a distance, but what if they are walking right up to the door? Having custom door handles that feature your business’s brand is a great way to attract customers. Furthermore, they are a great way to keep current customers and increase brand recognition at a glance. You put your logo on everything from your signs to your receipts, so why not put it on your door, too?

At First Impressions International, we specialize in custom door handles, creating handles that are unique to each business. We have four different types of custom door handle projects, including branded, monogrammed, semi-custom, and themed. Read more to learn about each type of project and then be sure to check out our recent work gallery to see some examples of custom work that we have completed in the past!

Branded Door Handles
Turn your vision into a reality and give your business more exposure than before with an original, custom-made branded door handle. With a branded door handle, your customers and guests get to see your business’s name, logo, and/or key features instantly. Customers will easily be able to identify your business, just by walking up to the front door. Branded handles can be designed in a few different ways. Customized from the ground up, they can be anything from die-cut shapes of your logo or a key product you sell to your business’s name embellished in metal or wood — it’s all up to you. Decide what kind of door handle will work best with your front doors, and with a little time and creative collaboration with our team, you’ll get beautiful and high-quality customized handles that will really wow your customers. The possibilities are truly endless, and the only limit is your imagination.
View examples of our custom branded door handles here.

Monogrammed Door Handles
Similar to branded door handles, but less bold, you can get a fully custom door handle using your business’s initials in a stylized, monogrammed design. Monogrammed door handles are built from scratch and uniquely made for your business. Most commonly, monogrammed handles are made with the same font as the business’s logo, but the choice is yours. The door handles are also commonly cut so the handles themselves are the letters. Choosing monogrammed door handles is a really great way to promote brand recognition for your business. After all, it is pretty hard to forget the name of a business if you have to actually touch a door handle that showcases the brand, so it’s a great idea to invest in a custom monogram handle.
See examples of monogrammed door handles we have created.

Semi-Custom Door Handles
Sometimes, fully-branded door handles are not in the best interest or price range for some businesses. That’s okay — opt for semi-custom door handles that are still unique, yet less design-heavy and thus, more practical. Pick from a wide range of pre-existing door handles and have them modified from there. Change up the materials or finish, add your business name, adjust the mounting position — whatever you’d like us to customize, we can handle it.
Take a look at our available semi-custom door handles.

Themed Door Handles
Perhaps you do not necessarily need a fully customized door handle, but you would still like a fun, statement piece in your entryway. You can choose from a variety of pre-designed themed door handles that are made for different industries. Themed handles could be anything from cut-out shapes to recognizable symbols to unique, eye-catching designs and lettering. From wooden spoons for restaurants to guitars for music shops, themed door handles will still allow customers to get a feel of the business before walking inside, without needing full customization.
Shop all of our themed door handles.

Materials and Color
All four of these types of custom door handles come in a variety of materials and colors. Even if you’re opting for a themed handle, you still get to customize some parts! Custom front door handles can be made from glass, metal, or wood. Metal door handles can come in up to thirty different finishes, to really tie your entryway and brand together. Plus, depending on the front door that you have, we can even customize the mounting placement on most handles. No matter what type of custom door handle you pick, you will get a high-quality, carefully manufactured statement piece that sings your business’s name to the streets.
Learn more about what we can customize.

Wow Your Customers with Custom Door Handles by First Impressions International
At First Impressions International, we will work in collaboration with you to produce the most eye-catching and unique custom door handles that can fit any type of business. In the past, we have created a variety of different custom handles. We have done everything from die-cut logos to embellished, beveled brand name designs to handles that are shaped like a product that the business sells. No matter how custom or complicated your project may seem, trust First Impressions International to deliver a high-quality, made-from-scratch, customized door handle for your business. To get started on your custom door handle project, contact us at First Impressions International to start collaborating with a designer today.