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Door Hardware Designed With You In Mind

All our designs begin with one objective, to design the perfect piece for your project… and every project is unique so every design is unique.

Our customers are always at the forefront of our minds here at First Impressions International. As part of our ongoing efforts to show our customer who we are and what we do, we’ve begun to pull back the curtain into our door hardware design process to give you the opportunity to understand us and our process better. Last month we featured an interview with lead designer James Padilla, you can see that here. Design is something that everyone here at First Impressions is passionate about, and we work to deliver the best designs day in and day out.

Our process of creating designer door handles is one that takes into account customer needs, specifications such as brand and icons, location, and material restrictions. By taking a holistic view of the design process we can create beautiful, functional door handles for our clients that are exactly what they are looking for. Every design begins with understanding the scope of the project and design requirements. Our process only commences when we know exactly what it is we are producing, nothing derails a great design faster than unexpected parameters or requirements. Once the scope of the project has been finalized we set about designing your pulls and hardware. This includes all elements of the project from materials to size to finish, everything is planned out ahead of time. Whether we are creating custom knobs and door pulls or starting a new line of retail handles we take time to ensure we deliver the best products on the market.

Now the design process can begin in earnest as we try to keep the designs true to the aesthetic value that our clients need without sacrificing any of the comfort and ergonomics of a designer door pull. The actual planning and design occurs on a 3D platform, combining Solidworks with Adobe products to generate a 3D rendering with all specifications, including size, color scheme, materials, and finish. This is where our team of dedicated and talented individuals is really able to shine. By being bold in our designs we are able to deliver exactly what our clients want, whether that is a modern chrome look or combining metal and wood or other materials to create a truly unique piece. Our team has the knowledge and experience to understand a concept, turn it into a design and ensure that the manufacturing process remains true to your goals.

After client approval of the designs we break them down into drawings of the various parts needed for manufacturing and production. This only happens after the customer is fully satisfied and happy with the design, otherwise we go back to the drawing board, so to speak. Only after we’ve gotten full approval from our client do we begin production, a process that we will look more closely at in the future. Be sure to check back as we will be showcasing some of our custom designs, and if you’ve got a need for custom door handle design we’re here to work with you and together create a great product and experience.