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History of Door Handles

Door handles are very similar to door knobs, except door handles are made to aid in pushing and pulling a door shut. Door knobs you usually twist to open a door. Door knobs can have locks in them, while door handles usually have a separate door lock.

First Impressions International makes the best custom door handles and door pulls. You can choose from our wide variety of door handles online that come in different materials, or we can work with you to design unique, one-of-a-kind creations to make the best first impression at your business. Below, we’ll take a brief look at the history of door handles. Contact us today to learn more!


In our last blog post, we discussed the history of door knobs. Similarly, door handles began as an easier way to push or pull doors open and closed. It’s only been in recent times that the door handle has come into official existence. Previously, humans just didn’t need them. Doors were thinner and easier to open, and times and life were much simpler than they are today.

Officially, door handles came into existence in America in 1878, when a man named Osbourn Dorsey submitted and received a patent for his door handle. Locks and keys were in use at the time, but only by those that could afford them. This is where the Chamberlain came into existence. A Chamberlain was employed by the well-to-do with the sole purpose of keeping the keys to safes that held their employers valuables safe. He was the only one who could lock and unlock valuables except for the family.

Eventually, the idea caught on. Besides being functional, door handles were a way to create a great first impression on people. After all, they are the first thing you truly notice when you walk up to a place of business. Door handles are used on both interior and exterior doors. They are very important for the beauty of the entire door itself. Plus, using a door handle is much safer than just pushing on a door with all your might to open it. Door handles alter the force needed to open a door by distributing your exertion throughout the entire frame, making it lighter. Even little children and the elderly can open very heavy doors thanks to the door handle.

Door handles can also be used on cupboards, cabinets, armoires, almirahs, and more. You can have any style, any finish, and any color you like, as well as any material. The sky is the limit, and custom door handles are increasingly becoming more popular as commercial businesses are striving to differentiate themselves from the competition and add to their branding.


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In addition to custom door handles and pulls, we also offer traditional door knobs, other door hardware, such as levers, cabinet hardware, and bath hardware. Any room in your home that has a door of some sort can have a unique door pull or door knob. Our mission is to help create that for you.

If you have a logo, we can create a split door handle, or we can create our door handles out of your initials. Leave the best first impression with First Impressions International.

Whether you need a custom door pull for your hotel, commercial business, or just your home, we can help. We will give you options as well as CAD drawings throughout the process until you are satisfied. Once completed, we’ll ship the custom door pulls or handles straight to your door. The mounting is easy. Check out our return policy if needed. Visit us online today!