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Home Improvement Trends of 2019

Adding a home improvement project to your yearly bucket list can be one of the most rewarding and fun times. Not only does this constitute a healthy change in your everyday life, but it also allows you to get your home up to date with the latest trends. The following list is the top home improvement trends of 2019 that you can begin adding to your home today.

Outdoor Elements

The aesthetics of the outdoors is a natural appeal to humans and thus the reasons why many are beginning to bring those elements indoors. This practice has been increasing in popularity with younger homeowners as they often are seeking to escape the cold, dark spaces of their work offices. One of the best ways to accomplish this is to simply bring natural tones into your designs. Are you thinking about redesigning your fireplace? Try adding smooth stones around your fireplace to add a calming effect. Indoor plants are also making a comeback in the form of entryways. Regardless of the area in which you are seeking to work on, you can implement these features anywhere.

Smart Home Technology

One of the most popular additions to a home is not decorative at all but more for convenience and sustainability. A very popular trend going on in 2019 is the addition of smart technology within the home. Digital thermostats have been around for years, but none of them could learn from your habits. By the start of 2019, 33.2 percent of households had smart home automation to some degree. Many of these tech devices are being implemented within a home's kitchen and bath. This is due to the fact that much of people’s utility bills are spent on running water.

Open Kitchen Shelving

In 2019, one of the hottest trends in the kitchen area is ditching the traditional bulky cabinets for sleek, spacious shelves. Adding this to your list of home improvement projects can help make your kitchen look larger and more modern. If you're not sure about how well these types of storage shelves would work for your family, you can always take a test run by replacing one cabinet at a time.

Whether you're planning on a small or a large home improvement project in the coming year, hopefully some of these ideas will help you to begin turning those wheels of creativity. 2019 is no doubt featuring some of the hottest trends in home improvement. So be creative and make your home more modern by trying one of these trends!

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