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How to Customize Hardwood Floors for the Perfect Look for Any Room

Opting for hardwood floors for your home or office is an elegant choice. You can leave the floors bare or you can dress them up with area rugs. Before you have the hardwood flooring installed, you'll have a few choices to make. The easiest way to make these choices is to come up with a theme. Whether you decide to have a different concept for every room or one that spreads across your entire home, a theme helps you narrow down your choices. Here are three ways you can customize your hardwood floors to create the perfect look for every room in your home.

Color Scheme

Even though you have already decided to go with hardwood flooring, bear in mind that wood is available in different shades. Take a look at your home's current color scheme and see what matches best. If you are trying to create a rustic look, hickory is a good option. Cherry works for a rustic theme because this wood has a deep and rich color. You'll find that there is a broad selection to choose from. Basically, the varying shades of brown, red and beige allow for a variety of color palettes.

Gloss Level

Once you have picked out the color scheme that suits you, it is time to think about the gloss level. If you were to opt for a 100% level, you would essentially be installing a mirror for your floors. A 50% gloss level gives you a pronounced sheen that could look both modern and formal. A 15% gloss level is an excellent option for a floor that will be used often. A hardwood floor with a matte finish is great for high-traffic areas since the natural absence of shine can help hide dirt.

Plank Width

Lastly, think about the width of the planks. Generally, the wider the space, the wider the planks should be. If you are going to install a hardwood floor in a large area, you'll want the flooring to be free of crevices that can be caused by narrow planks. When there are fewer planks adjoining one another, there will also be fewer crevices created where dirt and dust can hide.

Installing a hardwood floor in your home or office is a sophisticated decision. To ensure that it lasts a long time, take into consideration its plank width, gloss level, and color scheme in relation to your home's current decorative theme.

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