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How to Update Kitchen Cabinet Hardware

Want in on a little secret? There’s an easy, affordable way to completely update the look of your kitchen! Just by swapping out your cabinet hardware for a new style, material, and/or color, you can completely transform the space. In today’s blog, we are giving you six different ways that you can successfully and tastefully update your kitchen cabinet hardware to add a more personal touch.

Match Styles Throughout the Home
When planning for new cabinet hardware in your kitchen, you’ll want to take into consideration other elements present in your home. Does your home have a more modern, industrial vibe? Or is it more like a log cabin in the woods? It is important to match styles all throughout your home to achieve a cohesive, put-together look. If your stair railings are chrome, replace your cabinet hardware with chrome knobs and pulls. If you live in a historic home, consider decorative, vintage style handles. The possibilities for cabinet hardware are endless, but you can create a cohesive style throughout your home if you try to match styles in multiple rooms.

Mix it Up
Some styles may clash, but others look great together. Consider mixing it up in your kitchen with contrasting colors, materials, and styles of your cabinets and cabinet hardware. If all of your cabinets are dark wood, use a light-colored metal material for your knobs and pulls. If your kitchen backsplash has red tones, try finding gold-colored cabinet hardware. When mixing things up with your cabinet hardware, you want the hardware to stick out but still fit in with the rest of the room. Do your research on which colors, materials, and styles look best together. Try not to create a bland, monotone home where everything is the same exact color or an outlandishly colorful and mismatched home.

Add a Pop of Color
Whether it’s the cabinets or the hardware, adding a pop of color to a room always adds a fun touch. If you go the route of painting your cabinets a new color, consider cabinet hardware that’s also painted, instead of traditional metal or wood. Take into account the other colors that you use throughout your kitchen. If your towels and decorations are all in the blue and green color groups, paint your cabinets navy with a pop of teal for the handles and knobs. Of course, you can always take the more safe route with simple grayscale or natural wood cabinets while still bringing out the color in the hardware.

Use Different Styles for Cabinets and Drawers
From handles to knobs to pulls, there are a few different styles of kitchen cabinet hardware. When updating your kitchen, consider using different styles for your cabinets than for your drawers. Usually, when homeowners do this, they choose to use knobs for the top cabinets and handles or pulls for the drawers. The best way to do this and achieve a cohesive look is to make sure that you’re picking hardware that all use the same materials. Also, try to pick styles that look similar to each other. If you’ve decided on sleek, smooth satin nickel, find hardware for both your cabinets and drawers that fits that criteria rather than picking pulls that are smooth and knobs that are embellished.

Use Decorative Handles
While many people choose plain, monotone hardware, adding decorative handles to your kitchen cabinets is a great way to bring your personality into the room. There are plenty of styles to choose from, too, including embellished metals, frosted glass, hand-painted patterns, even shapes such as animals and symbols. Plus, you can use our last tip and only use decorative handles on your cabinets, while using more plain handles on your drawers so that there’s not too much going on.

Swap Hardware Every Few Years
When you move into a new home, it is definitely a good idea to update your kitchen cabinet hardware to give a fresh look to the space. Otherwise, consider swapping out your hardware every few years. This way, you can keep up with recent trends and the current style that’s present in the rest of your home, and prevent rusty metal or warped wood hardware. You can also utilize our previous tip here too, and you can update just the hardware of the cabinets one year and the drawers the next year!

Keep Things Clean
As goes with anything in your home, especially items that are made of metal-based materials, keeping your cabinet hardware clean is essential. Wiping down the entirety of the hardware once a week with a cleaning product will not only prevent germs from spreading around your home, but will also increase the longevity of the hardware. If you have hardware that is made out of metal, it can rust. And if your hardware is made out of wood, it can mold or warp. Even more, if your hardware is embellished with a bevel design at all, grime can stick to the surface and be much harder to clean once it’s built-up. Add cleaning your cabinet hardware to your list of weekly chores and you will not regret it.

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