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Opening the Doors to Memory Lane with Our Door Handles

Isn’t human memory amazing—how the soft scent of vanilla whisks us back to our childhood when we clung to our Grandma’s apron tails as she baked cookies, or how a sepia-toned photo booth strip stirs within us the teen angst of first crushes and summer adventures?

In the same way, retailers and restaurants display memorabilia and custom-crafted nostalgic pieces to evoke the euphoria of trust and attraction that customers initially felt about the brand.

Let’s open the door to 1915. Coca-Cola hires an artisan glass maker to design a bottle that resembles a coca leaf1. When the plant manufactures the prototype, the bottle rolls off the conveyer belt and breaks. The artisan redesigns the bottle in 1916. With two minor tweaks, Coca-Cola’s signature curved bottle with white lettering is born and remains the most recognized, collected icon a century later. Sock-hop over to 1957. Coca-Cola trades in its embossed lettering for the famous label with a white wave and lettering that we know so well today.

For its Disney Springs location, IDL Worldwide contracted with First Impressions to create custom door handles for Coca-Cola that integrated their very recognizable Wave logo. First Impressions created the door handle by negative-etching the logo on a stainless steel grip. This technique allows for an understated, almost subliminal, branded design. When patrons approach the contemporary building, they get a sense of the brand’s prestige and staying power.

Coca-Cola Disney Springs storefront
Like the scent or the photograph, the store’s custom commercial door handles open the doors to memory lane down which the customer traverses. She remembers all the life events connected to enjoying the familiar, sweet, smooth soft drink. The nostalgia of vintage Coca-Cola bottles enchants her back to summers spent at the swimming hole and hanging outside with friends until the street lights came on. When she returns to the present, she enters the store euphoric, excited to reconnect as with an old friend.