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Types of Door Handles, Part 2

In our last blog post, we began to examine the different types of door handles. We focused on shape previously, and today we will focus on custom door handles by material.

First Impressions International offers the best craftspeople to make your custom door handles. From casters and welders to machinists, assemblers, finishers, and inspectors, we are dedicated to giving you the best door handles that will withstand the test of time. Below, you’ll learn more about the different types of door handles by material. Contact us today to get started!


Wooden Door Handles

Perhaps the first door handle ever was made from wood. Wood is easy to shape and thus can make a great door handle material. Wood is also extremely easy to carve, and back before CNC machines, if you wanted a really elaborate door handle you had to have wood because it can be carved easily. Wood nowadays gives your home or office door a classic look, and this type of door handle is quite affordable and easy to customize, from modern style to rustic. Wood is also easy to paint and holds color well if treated afterwards. Wooden door handles remain a very popular material here at First Impressions International for custom door handles.

Metal Door Handles

In the 21st century, there is no limit to the type of metal that can be used for door handles. Thus, many customers looking for a truly unique custom door handle choose metal because it can leave a lasting impression. For example, any item on your home or business made from copper can catch the eye. Copper, albeit quite expensive, is affordable in small quantities, so making a custom door handle out of copper can be a good investment in the long run to make a lasting impression. Any type of metal is also durable and long-lasting. They are also rust-free and anti-bacterial by nature. Metal handles are quite popular so, odds are, you’ll see a lot of this type of custom door handles around your town, city, or places you visit.

Glass Door Handles

Glass had been around for millenia with ancient glass-makers blowing glass into different shapes for many uses. Thus, it makes sense that glass would be a great material from which to make custom door handles. Easy to manipulate into shapes and add in color, glass door handles come in many different designs from traditional to contemporary. Glass handles by themselves will definitely grab people’s attention since they are not a popular material to make custom door handles from. They are elegant and add a flair of Old World-style with a shiny, classy look. You can make glass door handles into any shape you want to make the stunning first impression you want to make with everyone who walks through your doors.

Ceramic Door Handles

Ceramic door handles are a great go-to for those looking to add some flair to the door hardware. Ceramic door handles usually come in lots of great colors so you can match items in your home or office. Ceramic is usually clay, porcelain, or brick. China, earthenware, and stoneware are also ceramic materials that are popular for custom door handles. Each ceramic has its own unique qualities that can make them stand out from the crowd. For example, porcelain is an extremely hard, translucent white ceramic that has been around for millenia. Porcelain is also known as “fine china” since it has been used for centuries in China to make the best plates, cups, and vases. In addition, you can glaze porcelain to give it a beautiful shine and gleam. Custom ceramic door handles are quite popular here at First Impressions International.


Custom commercial door pulls are increasingly being used to prepare your guests for what they will encounter when they walk into your business. Whether you are a place of worship and are looking to have metal door handles of crosses made, or you are a trendy restaurant that wants a matching drum set, First Impressions International has got your needs covered. Homeowners are turning to custom door handles as well to differentiate their home from the other similar homes in their subdivision neighborhood. Furthermore, we are seeing a lot of orders for unusual interior door handles and hardware as well. After all, this is what you will see the most of, so you will get to enjoy these as well.

In addition, First Impressions International offers cabinet hardware, appliance hardware, as well as unique custom hardware solutions for your bathroom. To create custom door pulls, the process is simple. We use CAD to transmit our designs to you. We make improvements until you are satisfied, more of this online. If you see something in our showroom you like, but you want it unique as well, we can customize anything custom hardware.

First Impressions International is dedicated to making your life easier, not only by providing you with the best commercial and residential door pulls and handles, but also by giving you a reason to smile every time you walk in the door. If you have drawn up an idea, we’d love to see it. Or, we’d love to hear your vision of a custom door pull and make that come true. Our expert designers love creating your dream door hardware. Contact us today to get started!