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What’s the Holdup? Factors That Delay the Construction Process

When building a new house or commercial property, the construction process can often be a time-consuming process due to the amount of work and steps involved for any type of project. Although it's important to provide clients with a timeframe on when the work will be completed, delays are common and can be expected in most situations. Here are a few factors that often delay the construction process to ensure that you are prepared for a few surprises along the way.


Safety precautions are known to delay a build. It is crucial to prioritize the safety of the workers over working quickly to avoid potential accidents and injuries that can occur due to the type of labor involved. The client's safety and that of construction employees is an especially important consideration when it comes to commercial construction. After all, any injuries encountered in your business exposes you to bad press and litigation. You can avoid this by working with a dependable contractor with a proven safety track record, but know that this will make the build take longer.



It's often impossible to plan for severe weather conditions, which can occur unexpectedly and at the last minute in any season. Whether it is raining or there are heavy winds, there should be good weather conditions to ensure that the construction can continue while protecting the materials and equipment that are used. Even if construction is taking place in inclement weather, you can take steps to ensure that you create a safe worksite, such as by using construction mats in wet and uneven terrain. Taking these steps early on will help the project move along with fewer complications. In general, the time of year that the construction is taking place should be taken into account when providing clients with a timeframe on when the building will be completed. Most clients will understand that the weather conditions are out of your control.


Unforeseen Complications

Murphy's Law states: "Anything that can go wrong will go wrong." When it comes to construction, it certainly applies due to the number of steps involved. Permits may not be approved on time, or there may be multiple design flaws that are discovered. Commercial contractors need to factor in the time and cost estimates of potential complications because they most likely will occur at some point.


It is very common for there to be a holdup during the construction process due to various types of delays that can occur throughout the process. By understanding typical delays that can be expected, you can plan accordingly and have other options or solutions that are available to avoid wasting any more time.

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