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What Belongings Should You Bring with You for Moving into a New Home?

Moving to a new home is one of the greatest experiences of your life as it represents a fresh beginning for yourself and your family. If you are moving into your first home, it presents you with an opportunity to put roots down in a community. Regardless of whether this is your first, second, or third home, you have to consider what you will keep during the moving process.

How Long Will You Live There?

If you are planning on living in your home for a long time, it may be a good idea to invest in items that will last for as many years as possible. For instance, it may be worthwhile to leave your old couch behind in favor of a new sectional. It could also be worth your while to buy a new kitchen set or riding lawn mower to make yard care easier.

Of course, if you are only staying for a short while, it may not make sense to spend money on items that might not fit in your next place. This may be especially true when new furniture can make your move more expensive.

How Hard Will it Be to Move?

Some things just aren't feasible to move. For instance, a television that weighs 200 pounds may be better suited for the curb instead of your new home. Appliances such as a washer, dryer, or refrigerator may also be better left in your old place instead of hauled to your new home. How hard something is to move increases the cost (and increases the tip, too). Therefore, keeping larger items where they are could make a move less expensive, which could leave more money to invest in new items.

How Large is the Home?

In some cases, bringing that old mattress or couch can be an ideal way to furnish a guest room or office space. If you have a favorite chair or recliner that only like to sit in, you can enjoy it in your basement man cave or in your sewing room without bothering anyone else in the house. That being said, if your home is too small, getting rid of large or cumbersome furniture can free up a lot of space in your new home and you won’t have to move it.

It may seem tempting to bring as little as possible with you to your new home. Although that would make the moving process easier, it could mean leaving behind items that you want or need in your new home. Prior to moving, be sure to spend time developing a moving plan that meets your needs and your budget.

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