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Your Home's Curb Appeal May Be Ruined by These 4 Common Problems

Increasing the curb appeal of your home can add to its market value, and it may make your neighbors happier as well. If you're looking to sell, you can speed the process up by making the property more attractive to potential buyers, and if you're planning on staying for the long run, you can take pride in your home's appearance. These are common problems you should correct or avoid. 

Brown Patches in the Grass

If your lawn is in sorry shape overall, start with a quality fertilizer designed for your region, and make sure to water as required. A well-kept lawn indicates an owner with pride. Once your lawn starts to look better, you may still notice brown patches. If you can easily pull up the sod in those patches, you may be infested with grubs or other pests. Check with your local lawn care or garden supply store for a way to control them.

Cracked or Defaced Pavement

If your asphalt driveway has developed cracks, you can repair them once you clean out the debris. Kill and pull any weeds coming up through the crevices, and then blow out the debris to get good adhesion for your crack filler. Fill the cracks and smooth or level the filler as necessary. Once that's dry, be sure to seal the pavement. Asphalt pavement needs to be sealed every 2 or 3 years to keep it looking good.

Your Front Door Isn't Welcoming

The front door of your home should be a welcoming smile. There are many recommendations for brightening your front entrance, including adding a new coat of paint to the door and an updated set of hardware. However, you can really make it pop with custom glass and classic molding for elegance and refinement. Quality molding for an outdoor application can be purchased in a variety of materials. If the molding you want is available in soft wood such as pine, take the time to coat it with an exterior grade of paint to keep it looking great and weathering the elements.

You Forgot the Windows

You can add greatly to the personality of your house with upgraded windows and shutters. No matter how old your house is, you can personalize it with these additions. Before you start adding shutters, make sure that your windows are in good shape and don't need updating or replacement.

A critical factor in updating the curb appeal of your home is making the exterior as easy to maintain as possible. This will benefit you while you live there, and if you make things convenient for the new owners, you can probably speed up a sale.