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Creating a brand identity for your brick and mortar business can leave a lasting first impression in your customers’ minds.

Brand Identity For Your Brick and Mortar Business

Why Brand a Business?

Brand identity can be defined as “the visible elements of a brand, such as color, design, and logo, that identify and distinguish the brand in consumers' minds.” Branding your business means taking all of these elements and infusing them throughout the physical location.

What Defines a Great Brand?

A great brand creates an experience for guests as soon as they walk through the door. Abaco Premium Wines in Miami, Florida provides guests with a subtle, yet unique welcome with their monogrammed door handles. (image caption: “Abaco’s Brick and Mortar Brand Identity”) Taking the “welcoming experience” a step further, one Ikea in Essex, England allowed 100 of its customers to fulfill their dream of sleeping over at the store. The guests were allowed to choose their bedding options throughout the entire store, which created a unique and memorable experience for its guests.

Handles and Pulls for All Doors
Handles and Pulls for All Doors

Another example of branding your business is being consistent in how you showcase your brand personality. Some businesses choose to keep their logo untouched. For example, the logos for McDonald’s or Apple can be recognized from anywhere around the world and for good reason. Their consistency in messaging and look and feel has made it so that their brand is “...associated with these individual characteristics.” [IMAGE CAPTION: Brand consistency is key for McDonald’s.]

Other businesses choose to be consistent in more unique ways. Kentucky Fried Chicken chose to play on its origins and brings its founder, Colonel Sanders, to life throughout each aspect of the business. “The DNA of the brand was about real meals the hard way” is what the company lives and breaths today so everything from the chicken recipe to the smallest restaurant detail has to follow suit. One example of a small, yet well-suited detail is using themed door handles as this Kentucky Fried Chicken store did with its spoon-shaped handles. The Marietta, Georgia “Home of the Chicken” storefront with its unique logo hardware truly makes the KFC and rightfully, Colonel Sanders, brand come to life. (image caption: Featured Brand Identity Elements at KFC’s Storefront.)

Benefits of creating a brand identity for your Brick and Mortar Storefront

Integrating your brand identity for your brick and mortar storefront provides several benefits:

  1. Creates a personal and lasting experience for your customers
  2. Allows you to show the true spirit of your business to stand out from the competition
  3. Helps to reinforce important brand identity elements through customized solutions such as logo hardware
  4. Sets the tone for what your customer will experience as they interact with you and your business
Home of the Chicken

Polish Your Business Branding Ideas With Custom Door Handles

Let First Impressions International breath life into your business branding ideas with custom door handles. We’ve helped dozens of other brick and mortar businesses create customized themed and logo hardware. Check out some of our most recent work here.

The entire customization process begins with a design consultation, where we make your ideas ready for production. After manufacturing is complete and quality checks pass, your custom creation is then delivered. The entire process takes no more than 2 weeks. Start your brand identity door hardware customization process today!

Why Work with First Impressions International?

Since 1999, First Impressions International has been helping customers discover premium door hardware solutions. From ideation, design specification, manufacturing to customer fulfillment, we help you to find exactly what you’ve been looking for. We provide a wide range of different materials, including solid and plated metals, exotic woods, glass, clear and colored acrylics, crystal and other options to ensure that your door hardware makes the right impression.

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