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Custom Door Handles, Custom Door Pulls, Custom Door Hardware

Put Your Name, Brand, Or Message In The Hands Of Your Customers!

For the last 20 years, First Impressions International has been working with our customers to create what their imaginations have conceived. Let us personalize and give more exposure to your project or business through the creation of an original, custom-made door handle to reflect your vision and identity. We have years of experience designing and creating commercial door handles for all types and sizes of businesses.

We'll turn your vision into a reality utilizing a variety of materials and done in a collaborative way. We take pride in creating custom work and front door handles that are done beautifully, quickly ....and best of all, affordably. Take a look below at some of the custom jobs we've created. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have custom door handles or pulls that need designing.

Take a look at our new Custom Work

Our Custom Door Handles, Custom Door Pulls, Custom Door Hardware

Our process of creating designer door handles takes into account our customer's needs, specifications including brand and icons, location, and any material requests or restrictions. By creating an entire flow for the design process we can create beautiful, functional door handles for our clients that are exactly what they are looking for. Every design begins with understanding the entirety of the project and all of the design requirements before moving on to anything else. Our process begins when we know exactly what it is we are producing, nothing derails a great design faster than unexpected changes or being unprepared. Once the scope of the project has been finalized we set about designing the pulls and hardware. This includes all elements of the project from materials to size to finish, everything is planned out ahead of time. To learn more about our design process for custom handles and pulls, click here or check out this interview with our lead designer, James Padilla.



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