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Custom Fabrication

                                                 Custom Fabrication   
First Impressions  has the means to fabricate just about anything our clients require. The materials we  have available include Brass, Aluminum ,Stainless Steel, Acrylic, Wood and Titanium. We  offer a  cad drawings service and can produce prototypes quickly and expertly. In addition, we are capable of producing  small or large  quantities in  impressive turn around times. The list below is only a sample of what we've done or can do. Thirty  finishes are available .

Please call us to get a quote.  954-419-9918

Custom pulls to 10 Feet,                                            Restaurants logo pulls

Custom design pulls                                                   Machine Shop

Themed pulls (animals, wood, trees, etc.)                Custom Plating Services

Backplates, pushplates, kickplates                          Lighting

Shower rods,                                                              Grab Bars

Foot and bar railing                                                   Shower Door Hardware

Sneeze guards                                                            Drapery Hardware

Elevator Railing                                                        

Car accessories    
Home Theatre Door Hardware    
                                                                                    Curved Bars Of Any Length 
Metal Signs  
Acrylic Signs

Letter and Number Pulls

Shelf Units

Lighted Door Handles

Wood Pulls for Water/outdoor Use

A Full Collection of All Custom projects are available to show how we use the capabilities.



We are now able to  create signs, displays and shapes out of acrylic sheet. The acrylic is available in many colors and thicknesses and we can do almost anything. New flourescent colors  ( they catch and carry light ) are available.

Contact a representative.