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If you’re looking to learn more about door handles and pulls, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together a list and accompanying details about the most common uses for a variety of door handles and pulls.

Handles and Pulls for All Doors

Shop All Handles and Pulls for All Doors

Handles and Pulls for All Doors
Door Levers Get You In and Out in No Time

Door levers are meant to be easier to use to open doors. These ADA-compliant door hardware are easier to grab than doorknobs and work well with just about any door. Door levers can be found in a variety of materials and shapes or can be customized.
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Door Knobs Are Versatile and Practical for All Doors

Door knobs come in all types of sizes, finishes and materials. If you’re looking for something simple, yet sleek, door knobs can be easily installed on several doors. Unique door knob designs such as this clear water style can make doors stand out.
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Handles and Pulls for All Doors
Handles and Pulls for All Doors
Rosettes Provide a Vintage, Yet Sophisticated Look to Doors

Rosettes are perfect way to complete a sophisticated touch to door knobs and handles. You can opt for a traditional circle-shaped rosette in vintage or more modern finishes. More contemporary rosettes come in squared shapes and in a variety of finishes.
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There’s No Stopping Door Stops

Door stops help to protect walls from being damaged by doors. While their purpose is simple, their look doesn’t have to be. Door stops can come in interesting shapes such as a bamboo-style with a metal finish or a ball-shaped in a chrome finish.
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Handles and Pulls for All Doors
Handles and Pulls for All Doors
Get a New Level of Sleekness for Your Pocket Door Handle

Pocket doors work great in tight spaces or to enclose a smaller, more private area such as a master bathroom or closet. The doors fit right into the wall and requires a slim pocket door handle for easy access. While they be hidden, pocket door handles can still have a unique, sophisticated style.
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Make Your Look Unique With Custom Door Handles

In some cases, custom door handles might be the finishing touch you’re looking for. Custom door handles can be made with acrylic, metal or wood and you can choose from many different finishes. Any handles and pulls for all doors that are on the First Impressions International website, can be customized.
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Handles and Pulls for All Doors
Handles and Pulls for All Doors
Custom Pulls Get Your Guests Talking.

If you’re looking specifically for custom pulls for your doors, there’s a lot to choose from as well. Whether you decide to go with a branded theme or keep the look abstract, you have the option to customize any product in the shape, material or finish you desire.
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Find the Best Knob with Rosette

Rosettes enhance the complete look of doors by adding a classic look to door knobs. While more traditional, rosettes can add a touch of elegance to any door knob. You can choose to match the style to a door knob or create your own rosette.
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Handles and Pulls for All Doors
Back Plates Complete The Look.

Whether you're looking for an ornate back plate or something more simple, we've got you covered. Back plates come in several different lines and styles. While more of an aesthetic piece, back plates also come in handy when you need to cover holes or markings from door handle installations.
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Long Door Handle Provide a Sleek Look

Long door handles serve a dual purpose: to not only open doors, but to also provide a sense of understated elegance. Long door handles tend to be more minimalist, but provide a sleek look to doors. Depending on your door type and the type of material you choose, they can truly transform the look
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Handles and Pulls for All Doors
Handles and Pulls for All Doors
Show Your Pride With Logo Handles

Are you a big sports fan or have a successful business you want to show off? Logo handles are the perfect way to celebrate your favorite logos. You can choose to use color or other finish such as satin chrome. You can also choose different materials depending on the look you want to achieve.
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Add a Personal Touch with Letter Handles

Letter handles use initials as inspiration for door hardware design. Whether you use your own initials or another purpose, letter handles are simple and help to make the space truly your own. They add a personal, yet sophisticated touch.
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Handles and Pulls for All Doors
Handles and Pulls for All Doors
Bring Your Brand to Life with Branded Door Pulls

Similar to letter and logo handles, branded door pulls help bring your brand to life through customization. You can choose from a variety of styles, finishes and materials that best convey the personality and uniqueness of your brand.
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