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It's been said that a person's home is his/her castle, and there are certain things that you can do to make your home have the right feel to match your personality. Considering all five senses when furnishing and decorating can give your home a more immersive feel.
In the modern world, there are artificial sounds wherever we go. Since you can't stop your heater or pump, for example, whenever you'd like, you can be smart about creating an audio-environment that's soothing. First, you can position seating areas away from large appliances so that their sounds don't seem as loud. Double-paned, storm or double-glazed windows can go a long way in blocking out road noise. Also, you might think about how you can use artificial sounds in your favor. White-noise machines may offer some comfort by humming gently in the background. Quiet background music is great for setting a mood.
Source: CertainTeed

Smell is an extremely strong sense, as certain smells can be tied to strong memories and emotions. Your home should have a personalized, multilayered smell that is unique to you. Cleaning your place regularly can prevent a mustiness from overtaking everything. Some people prefer to use natural materials, like vinegar and essential oils, in their routine. This may eliminate the strong chemical odor that can sometimes come with harsh cleaning supplies and it can leave a soothing scent behind. The bathroom, kitchen sink, garbage disposal, bedding, and upholstery can all be places where scents can sink in. Further, you can use indoor plants to clean your air, create your own scent-filled jars and simmer water that's infused with citrus and herbs to fill the house with multilayered smells.
Source: Dimensions

When you choose hardware for your cabinetry, remember to think about how those pieces will feel and look. When deciding on furniture, test pieces out to determine whether you can truly feel comfortable with those items. Just like people prefer different types of mattresses, certain types of dining chairs and couches can vary in terms of the experience they provide.

We all have to eat every day, and stocking up on healthy foods can contribute to your overall well-being. Ideas for maintaining a healthy diet include pouring snacks (like crackers or chips) into smaller bowls to limit how much you eat, making a list of items to buy from the store to prevent impulse purchases and prepping balanced meals on the weekends to make sure you're eating well during the busy week.

Source: Free in Ten Years

To set up your home to be a great escape from the outside world, consider all of the senses. Little decisions can work together to make a big difference.


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