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D’USSÉ Display

Crafted for the Bold and Exceptional

D’USSÉ®Cognac is the centerpiece of this First Impressions project. This particular Cognac is highly prized for where it is made, who created it and also the rapper legend who is behind it. One of the most accomplished artists to top the billboard charts, Jay-Z, is also a savvy business man with a taste for the finest when it comes to cognac. He invested in the endeavor to craft a new blend of the spirit created by cellar master, Michel Casavecchia at the renowned Château de Cognac in France. As noted on their website, Casavecchia's vision for this exceptional cognac was to produce a blend that was "distinctively bold, yet remarkably smooth." Jay-Z has promoted this brand and brought it to the forefront of the industry making it a famous label in a relatively short amount of time. First Impressions was pleased to be chosen to craft the finishing touches for the display cases used in trade shows to promote the bold and exceptional D’USSÉ®Cognac.

An Inviting Display

The handsome display created for showcasing the cognac is designed as a distinguished and inviting cigar lounge. The rich, dark wood tones of the elegant cabinetry contrast with the lighter wood tones of the cigar boxes. Accents of crosses in gold catch the eye and are the unmistakable mark of the D’USSÉ brand. The elegant backdrop is an appropriate environment for tasting and savoring this cognac. 

Custom D’USSÉ Cabinet Pulls

First Impressions was given the charge to craft these custom made cabinet door pulls in the shape of the double barred cross that is synonymous with the D’USSÉ brand. This cross is a variation of the Cross of Lorraine. It became the symbol for the Free French Forces during WWII and remains emblematic of French patriotism and is commonly seen at war memorials around France. 

Custom Built Cabinet

This beautiful stand alone cabinet was custom built as a gift for Jay-Z. First Impressions was happy to customize the door handles for this handsome piece. Instead of using small individual crosses for each cabinet door, the request for this design was to create one large D’USSÉ cross that functioned as two door pulls. Our engineers created a split design for the cross that was both functional and striking. Door handles don't have to be simple and unassuming. This cabinet is a great example of how door handles can make a statement and become an artistic expression of our client's idea. Turning vision into reality is our pursuit in serving each client. 

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