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Featured Home in Florida Design Magazine

Resort Style Living in Fort Lauderdale
Florida Design Home exterior

Florida Design magazine has featured a home in which some unique features were proudly produced by First Impressions. D. DePerro Design, Inc., Tuthill Architecture and W.A. Bentz Construction all worked together to transform a large contemporary waterfront residence into a warm and ultra luxurious home. The homeowner wanted to incorporate design features seen at the most exclusive hotels visited during his world travels. The combination of these elements and creative minds produced an awe inspiring spread of design excellence. 
First Impressions was called to the job to complete a few of the exquisite custom details of this unforgettable home.

Distinguished Design
Florida Design Home interior door design

The first point of contact someone has when entering a home is the door handle. The style and size of traditional door handles would be lost on the bold composition of this dwelling. First Impressions was pleased to meet the needs of the creative team to produce a perfect accent piece for the beautiful mahogany front door. The striking polished stainless steel finished u-shape design captures the modern feel and contemporary lines of such a distinguished home. 

Custom Fireplace Trim
Stainless Fireplace trim

First Impressions was also able to deliver on a request for custom stainless steel trim to finish the look of this exraordinary fireplace. The steely metal contrasts with the warm glow of the cached lighting behind the semi-precious exotic agate stone of the fireplace. The designer's keen eye is evident as horizontal and vertical lines intersect throughout the elements of the room. 

Wine Room Door Pulls
Wine Room acrylic door pulls

This ultra sophisticated wine room is something rarely seen in a residential home. The smart clean design called for the crystal clear look of these acrylic door handles. The graceful and glassy looking rods adorn both sides of the entry and exit doors to this stately room. It was an honor to be among those contributing to the completion of this residential design project. Creating and delivering what our customers want is our foremost goal in the production process. 

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