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Lumberjacks Restaurant

"If we greet our customers as they walk in the door, they'll probably come back. If we provide them with quality meals at reasonable prices, they'll probably come back. if we take care of customers' needs, they'll probably come back. But, if we take care of all of these items, all the time, they WILL come back...again and again and again!" THIS is the culture of Lumberjacks!
Jeff Garrett
Owner & Founder
Lumberjacks Restaurant
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Lumberjacks commissioned First Impressions to create a custom door pull for their entry door, by doing this they are providing the ultimate greeting and handshake with their customers and their brand as they walk in the door.

Door Handle Design

First Impressions designed the perfect piece to represent the Lumberjacks brand by providing a custom "Axe" door pull. The pull combines the sharpness of metal with a solid aluminum blade and the ruggedness of wood in the grip of the handle

Product & Installation

Lumberjacks installed the custom Axe pull by notching out a portion of the entry door to make it look as though the Axe is chopping the wood in the door.



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