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custom door handles

Front Entrance ADA Compliance

Many people in America live with disabilities, including mobility disabilities which require them to use a wheelchair, walker, cane, or crutches to get around. While most businesses are aware of ADA guidelines for their stores, some requirements are unfortunately overlooked. In today’s blog, we will be taking a look at how your commercial or residential space could use some improvements in order to be completely ADA compliant. We will be discussing entrance areas, entry doors, and entry door handles, all of which can hinder a person’s access to a building in different ways.

Custom Door Handles for Your Business

Marketing your business’s brand is essential for bringing in new customers or guests. The best way to make a lasting first impression with potential customers is to showcase your business in all aspects of your storefront. Of course, you have a big sign with your business’s name and logo that customers see from a distance, but what if they are walking right up to the door? Having custom door handles that feature your business’s brand is a great way to attract customers. Furthermore, they are a great way to keep current customers and increase brand recognition at a glance.

Types of Door Handles, Part 2

In our last blog post, we began to examine the different types of door handles. We focused on shape previously, and today we will focus on custom door handles by material.

First Impressions International offers the best craftspeople to make your custom door handles. From casters and welders to machinists, assemblers, finishers, and inspectors, we are dedicated to giving you the best door handles that will withstand the test of time. Below, you’ll learn more about the different types of door handles by material. Contact us today to get started!

10 Door Pulls That Will Make Your Business Standout

First impressions are the lifeline for firms ever since he invention of the economic system. For example, the initial greeting from a hostess in a restaurant is imperative for the initial countenance. In the same manner, the first contact with the customer in any business is the door pull. Therefore, the high quality feel and look to the door handle is a vital component to making your business standout. Consequently, initiating customer retention and satisfaction.