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Vento Series no. 31

Modernize Your Bathroom with the Vento Series!

The Vento series, another Cropusa favorite, has a great conical design that complements many of todays most popular faucets. It has an accessory for every bath need and is available in the extremely durable PVD Satin Nickel, a durable Polished Chrome and Chrome/Dull Chrome. The accessories compliment many looks, with many possibilities for design. This classic design with the collection gives the features a timeless beauty. From simple glass shelves to durable polished chrome hardware, your bathroom can go from dull to upgraded. The classic and clean look that the Vento Series has can give your space a very polished look. Dramatically change your bathroom's look by swapping out accessories with some from our collection:

The accessories compliment many different designs. With neutral colors like gray, it suits nearly every wall color and design. They can be paired perfectly with any bathroom, giving it a fresh, upgraded look. Polished chrome and glass accessories in this collection give your space the perfect sophistication to make any bathroom appear high-end and sleek. Fully functional accessories with modern designs will give any bathroom a 'chic' finish. The modern minimalism aspect to the collection is a great example of how less really is more. The subtle, contemporary details in the hardware will allow the hardware to be the focal point of the entire room. The collection has subtle curved accessories that offer a stylish yet interesting space. They are not only bathroom fixtures, but they also double as decorative fixtures that can allow you to 'deck the walls'. There are endless possibilities in design which encourages inspiration. If you are interested in learning more about our Vento Seres collection, contact us today!



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